Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

Holistic lighting & smart solution for museum

Mario BOTTA, an architect, has compared "The museum is a sanctuary of spirituality. People speak more quietly when they are near art "demonstrating in part how serene, open, and thoughtful the setting is. Multidimensional pieces of art are what museums seek to display.

Dien Quang introduces Holistic lighting & smart solution for museum that helps:
- Visual connections between spaces, creating aesthetically pleasing and neatly divided regions, so that clients can quickly identify the layout and space orientation.
- Psychological link in terms of time: giving viewers a sense of association about the ages, provoking reflection and feelings of nostalgia about the past.
- Allow visitors to appreciate visual artwork in all its forms, styles, details, lines, and hues...
- Assisting in communicating the value that each work offers viewers.

Dien Quang's approach doesn't just focus on illumination; it also integrates intelligent and automatic control that is appropriate for various situations. enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the museum's operational system.

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