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Dien Quang Smart - Smart Control

As a pioneer in lighting and electrical equipment supply in Vietnam, Dien Quang always strives every day to meet the increasing demand of consumers. The new orientation of Dien Quang in the digital age is to provide smart solutions, providing users with comfortable and ideal experiences. Here is the most comprehensive information about Smart solution industry – Dien Quang Smart.

Development strategy of Dien Quang Smart Industry

Dien Quang becomes an advanced technology group from a leading company in the field of lighting and electrical equipment supply. Dien Quang not only provides simple lighting products, but also comprehensive lighting and smart solutions in many fields.

Based on that orientation, Dien Quang has invested in establishing specialized technology blocks such as IOT and Homecare to take the initiative in research and technology application. At the same time, Dien Quang also cooperates with many well-known technology partners at home and abroad to coordinate research and development of intelligent features of lighting systems. Typical corporations: Qualcomm, Amazon Web Services, FPT, Viettel, ACT, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, etc.

Dien Quang Smart aims for smart, safe and economical space
Highlights of Dien Quang Smart
The system of intelligent solution groups includes: smart city, smart building, smart home. So this is a system of applied technology solutions for a wide range of spaces, from homes to office buildings to smart cities. With these solutions, the user will be able to operate and control the lighting equipment anytime, anywhere and according to previous programming scenarios.

This is the system of solutions to meet the needs of the people and the cities in terms of comfortable lifestyle, improving the quality of life of the Vietnamese people. The typical feature of this system is the ability to open, easily connect with other technological products. So individual homes, office buildings, or the whole city form a smart ecosystem. Thanks to this ecosystem, the ability to connect, expand and control the device is more optimal.

Dien Quang Smart System uses cloud computing services, artificial intelligence, with the ability to secure customer information absolutely. In particular, 2-layer security technology 
and "End-to-End" packet encryption enhances system safety. This system can be controlled by Vietnamese voice, data is located in Gateway and can operate even when internet is lost.

Dien Quang Smart is a solution system with 5 levels of control. As a result, it optimizes the comfort of use of customers: switches, remote, mobile apps, voice, artificial intelligence (AI).
 Dien Quang Smart gives life to the ideal amenities

The two main product groups of Dien Quang Smart
Smart Solution
This is a smart solution system that connects, directs and controls your home, office, factory, and the entire city, wherever you are, at any given time. This is a leading solution in connection technology, by using a central control system. This solution saves operating and management costs and increases the comfort of any space
Smart DIY
These are smart devices for home, allowing users to manipulate and install. Here are typical products:
●    Dien Quang Apollo Smart Switch Controller
●    Dien Quang SMART Doublewing LED light set
●    Dien Quang Infrared Controller
●    Dien Quang Apollo Inductive Switch
●    Dien Quang Apollo Fingerprint Locks
Dien Quang Smart Controller

By developing its range of smart solutions, Dien Quangs has moved strongly from a manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment to a technology-led group. With the development of Dien Quang Smart, customers will have truly different experiences in terms of amenities.