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Smart office

Smart lighting solutions are increasingly being applied in many projects and works in all fields. Prominent among them, the Office smart lighting solution in industrial zones implemented by Dien Quang has helped optimize the cost of electricity and ensure the safety of workers. Let's find out detailed information about office smart lighting solutions in industrial zones researched and launched by Dien Quang.

Why should office smart lighting solutions be applied in industrial zones?

In the office environment in industrial zones, light not only helps adorn the space and increase the aesthetics, but it also has a great influence on the working state of employees to ensure efficiency and quality of amount of work done. In addition, the application of smart lighting solutions also helps managers to save up to 80% of electricity consumption according to the principle of lighting according to the working line.
However, in order to maintain effective light for work, the lighting must ensure the following strict requirements for light quality:
●    It is necessary to ensure the standard brightness and quality of the light. According to research, light with a color temperature <3000K will cause the human body to produce the hormone Melatonin, which helps the body to sink into a state of relaxation. Meanwhile, light with a color temperature >4000K will inhibit Melatonin, and at the same time stimulate Cortisol secretion, which will put the body into a state of highly focused work.
●    Lighting must still ensure comfort, covering the whole space. The lights do not flicker, affecting the working process.
●    Lighting must ensure that the light colors are harmonious, reasonable, and do not cause pain.
●    Energy efficiency of light source, use for a long time without worrying about short-circuiting.

Bringing office smart lighting solutions in industrial zones brings many benefits to managers and employees

Dien Quang and office smart lighting solutions in industrial zones

Different from other office lighting solutions on the market, Dien Quang has taken people as the center to research and launch office smart lighting solutions in industrial zones with many outstanding advantages. Therefore, criteria of aesthetic, health safety, and environmental friendliness are absolutely adhered to by Dien Quang.

For employees, workers

In addition to the basic function of providing enough light for activities in the office, Dien Quang's office lighting solutions also pay attention to the health of employees. Through research, Dien Quang has found the relationship between alertness, mood, awareness, sleep-wake state and light.
With Dien Quang's smart lighting solution, customers can easily adjust the parameters of color temperature, light intensity simply and easily with just a few taps on their Smartphone. In particular, with meetings, presentations, etc., employees can also activate the pre-installed contexts on the application to create a light that affects the alertness and focus of the whole team.

For investors and managers

●    Lighting design for offices and buildings to ensure prescribed standards. At the same time, it brings a beautiful and luxurious space with high aesthetics.
●    Save up to 80% of electricity consumption compared to conventional lighting. In areas where there are people working, the lights will automatically turn on, and if there are no people working, the lights will automatically turn off.
●    Integrate smart control system in office lighting with power consumption monitoring and control system, remote control by radio waves, lighting control on and off by infrared sensors, etc. limit electrical problems that may occur in the office.

Dien Quang completed the construction of office smart lighting solutions at Viet Long Hung Garment Co., Ltd

What's outstanding about the office smart lighting solution implemented by Dien Quang?

By applying IoT technology and a series of first-class smart devices, the office smart lighting solution in industrial zones of Dien Quang will include the following outstanding utilities:
●    Office: The lighting scenario will automatically adjust the lamp brightness when sunlight changes. The air conditioner is also always activated automatically and works by the hour. In addition, the light intensity of the lights, the temperature of the air conditioner will change at the lunch break. At the end of the hour, the scenerio turns off the lights and the air conditioner will automatically on time to leave. Customers can also control the device by phone.
●    Smart meeting room: Welcome scenerio when entering the room, automatically turn on the lights, turn on the air conditioner, ready to welcome guests with just opening the meeting room door or with just one button. In addition, during a discussion, you can simply press a button to reduce the light brightness, close the curtains, lower the projection screen, and turn on the projector ready for the presentation. After the presentation is finished, with 1 simple operation to switch the room to discussion mode. At the end of the meeting, pressing one button is enough to turn off all devices, close the curtains to end the meeting.
●    The built-in navigation system helps search for vehicles in the parking lot by phone
●    The air conditioning system automatically adjusts to the ambient temperature to balance and save energy.

Office lighting solutions in industrial zones are automated with scenarios suitable for the surrounding environment

The above article has introduced to you detailed information about office smart lighting solutions in industrial zones. If you need advice on lighting solutions according to your specific requirements and within your budget, please contact Dien Quang for support.