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Holistic solution for Industry

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Industry is built on the basis of 4.0 technology to optimize electricity costs and ensure safety for workers. Industrial smart lighting solution represents the required operating model of a modern business.

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Industry

To create a holistic solution, Dien Quang has combined 8 synchronous solutions including: Lighting solution for industrial zones or businesses in industrial zones, Solar solution - Regeneration of electricity from solar energy, smart street light solution, smart garage solution, indoor lighting solution, smart workshop solution, smart office lighting solution, Smart Factory Solution. 
This holistic solution for Industry offers four outstanding benefits to modern businesses.

Saving 80% energy

Enterprises using Dien Quang's holistic solution will save up to 80% of electrical energy consumption, because the solution installs the sensor mode and the management system to each light spot. The lighting system makes the most of natural light, so the light automatically adjusts the light intensity to increase/decrease according to natural light.

Industrial smart lighting solutions save 80% of energy

The principle of lighting focuses on the real area, managing and monitoring each single point of light, the light will be changed in brightness based on the working environment situation of the workers, optimally focusing on workplace of workers. Therefore, businesses can both save unnecessary electrical energy and reduce costs while still ensuring the production process.

Dien Quang industrial smart lighting system also applies the principle of lighting according to the working line, whereby the light will automatically turn on in the area where people are working and automatically turn off when there are no people working.

Understanding the characteristics of continuous lighting, large lighting range, and high electricity consumption in industrial plants, Dien Quang uses high-performance lighting products that support the arrangement of appropriate lighting clusters to optimize the ability of savings for businesses.

Creating a safe working environment

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Industry uses smoke, temperature, water leakage warning systems, air quality monitoring, etc. to reduce risks in industrial production and help factories and workshops operate safely, automatically and more economically. These are extremely important warning systems in any industrial zone, especially those with many workers.

Industrial smart lighting ensures safety for workers

This system seamlessly combines professional equipment with different functions and tasks. Each device handles well a stage in detecting and warning of fire and explosion risks. Smart devices in the system can automatically recognize fire signs such as sudden temperature rise, smoke alarm, reduced air quality, etc. The industrial smart lighting system is installed for 24h continuous operation, always ready to warn dangerous situations.
Employees are directly related to the working environment in the industry, creating a safe working environment for employees is also ensuring business operations, saving costs for injury treatment as well as enhancing business reputation in the market.

Environmentally friendly rooftop solar power system

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Industry uses a rooftop solar power system, a green and environmentally friendly energy regeneration system.
Rooftop solar power is a permanent renewable energy source that does not pollute the environment and does not run out of energy sources. Enterprises will save the cost of purchasing national electricity, and can also sell the unused surplus power to the power industry and at the same time reduce investment capital in power generation and power transmission grids projects.

 Applying rooftop solar power system in smart lighting technology

The rooftop solar power system has many advantages such as: It does not take up land area, helps effectively prevent heat for projects using equipment, rooftop solar power is connected to low and medium voltage power grids, so it is not necessary to invest in the power grid system, reduce investment costs, be environmentally friendly, and reduce grid overload from traditional power sources.
Industrial smart lighting solutions using rooftop solar power systems are considered as one of the important solutions that contribute to reduce the electricity pressure of businesses.

High security

Dien Quang uses the cloud computing service of Amazon Web services, applies two-layer security technology and "End-to-End" packet encryption. The user data in the enterprise will be managed and secured according to the world's leading safety standards. High security from smart lighting solutions also supports businesses to well solve security-related problems and effectively manage industrial production systems.
The products of industrial smart lighting solutions are always tested for quality, safety and good operation, anti-interference in areas with many high-power electrical equipment. Thereby improving the efficiency of use of factories, workshops and industrial zones. The holistic solutions of Dien Quang offers includes a wide selection of low energy systems that can be quickly customized to stay up and running even in challenging factory environments.