Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

Dien Quang lighting industry

Dien Quang’s lighting industry provides lighting products for many areas such as: housing, office, industry, public... In order to bring customers the best quality products.
Dien Quang’s lighting industry provides smart lighting products 
Products in the lighting industry of Dien Quang serve many purposes such as:

Decorative lighting: smart decorative lighting arms to create newness and excitement in your space, contributing to highlighting the beauty of your space. Decorative lighting currently plays an important role in building design, which not only creates an appeal for the building but also expresses a message about the overall design of the building.

Dien Quang Lighting equipment has good lighting, rich colors up to 16 million colors, long life, good lighting time, therefore it will save the cost of repair or replacement. Besides, the Dien Quang decorative lighting system can save up to 80% of energy consumption.

The products are suitable for a variety of spatial environments such as: Office decoration lighting, home decoration lighting, workshop decoration lighting, hospital decoration lighting, restaurant, hotel decoration lighting,etc.

Landscape lighting: Landscape lighting is the technique of outdoor lighting to highlight the courtyard, the highlight of the structure, the corridor, the entrance, the fountain or the walls of the space. The landscape lighting solution is especially effective at night.
Dien Quang lighting industry provides landscape lighting products with many practical benefits for the construction landscape: Create an attractive architectural look, easily change the context of automatic lighting thanks to the integration of smart sensors, creating an aesthetic lighting experience, diverse forms of landscape lighting.
The product is suitable for many applications, such as: School landscape lighting, industrial park landscape lighting, housing landscape lighting, hospital landscape lighting, building landscape lighting, hotel landscape lighting,etc.

Lighting and embossing of buildings: With the development of current lighting technology, building lighting has become a trend. Not only serving the needs of civil lighting, lighting and embellishing the works, but also emphasizing the importance of the aesthetics of the works, creating attraction, easily spreading cultural and artistic values as well as affirming the brand of the works.
Dien Quang provides lighting products to highlight the project, bringing smart lighting technology according to the scenario, illustrating outstanding architectural details, increasing the professional factor and improving the quality of the working, learning and living environment in the workspace.
Spaces that can use lighting products to embellish the building such as: Highlighting of hotel buildings, highlighting of industrial parks, highlighting of hospital buildings, highlighting of school buildings, highlighting of housing works, highlighting of buildings, etc.

Dien Quang lighting industry develops comprehensive smart lighting solutions for most buildings from micro to macro, including interior and exterior lighting.

Dien Quang lighting industry possesses outstanding strengths

Maximum energy savings: the lighting equipment of Dien Quang uses high technology, which saves maximum energy. From there, it reduces the power cost for the user.

High aesthetic value: Dien Quang effectively exploits lighting equipment to highlight the characteristics of the project, creating a harmony between the project and the surrounding environment. Dien Quang smart lighting system leads the trend to contribute to increasing the urban aesthetic value, improving the culture for the people, attracting visitors, developing trade and services.

Environmental friendliness: the lighting products of Dien Quang not only create a comfortable lighting environment but also significantly save costs due to energy saving, optimizing lighting equipment when operating, managing the lighting system rationally, reducing the burden on the social population. So this is an effective way to reduce climate change and be environmentally friendly.

Some typical smart lighting projects use lighting equipment of Dien Quang: Bac Giang Stadium, Tra Noc Airport (Can Tho), Masan Nutri Farm (Nghe An), Rang Dong Plastic Company Office, Van An Hospital (Kon Tum), Marriott Hotel (Da Nang), Long Khanh Street (Dong Nai), IEC School (Quang Ngai), CANIFA Fashion Store Chain, Long Khanh Monument (Dong Nai), etc.

Dien Quang lighting industry specializes in producing lighting products and providing intelligent lighting solutions that bring convenience, safety, aesthetics, improve the quality of social life.