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Lighting soltion for specialised area

Lighting is an integral part of industrial parks to ensure smooth and continuous production in a flexible working environment. Dien Quang’s industrial park lighting solution is built on the basis of 4.0 technology to optimize the amount of electricity consumed and ensure the safety of workers. This smart solution is a necessary operating model of a modern enterprise.

Dien Quang smart lighting solution suite 

Dien Quang’s lighting solution applies to many areas in the industrial parks

The lighting solution is designed based on the lighting capacity of the areas such as: production and operation of offices, warehouses, logistics, service areas of the whole industrial park or each enterprise in the industrial park, internal roads or other lighting needs such as architectural decoration lighting, landscape, etc. This comprehensive suite of industrial park lighting solutions brings many outstanding benefits to modern businesses.

Production areas lighting

Smart lighting solutions for production areas in industrial parks

Dien Quang lighting solution is equipped with a system that automatically turns on the light when people enter the touch-scan area, automatically turns off the light when there are no people in the scan area. This means that in a manned area, the light will turn on automatically, in an unmanned area, the light will turn off automatically.

This solution uses high-performance lighting equipment to meet each lighting space in the factory. Rooftop solar system renews green energy, is environmentally friendly and saves up to 80% of electricity consumption. The lighting equipment should be safe, capable of saving electricity and environmentally friendly to meet the light requirements for highly efficient production activities. In addition, the working environment in the production area is safer when equipped with smoke, overheating, flooding and air quality warning systems.

Office operating area lighting

Smart lighting solutions for office operating areas

Working room: The lighting scenario will automatically adjust the light brightness when the sunlight changes. The air-conditioning is also always activated automatically and works on an hourly basis. Besides, the light intensity of the lights, the air-conditioning temperature will change at lunch break. At the end of the working day, the scenario of turning off the lights and the air-conditioners will automatically be activated on time to leave. In addition, the customer can also control the device over the phone.

Smart meeting room: The welcome scenario when you enter the room, automatically turn on the lights, turn on the air-conditioner, ready to welcome guests with only the operation of opening the meeting room door or with a button. In addition, when you are discussing, you can only operate a button simply to reduce the brightness of the light, close the curtains, turn on the projector and get ready for the presentation. At the end of the meeting, press one button enough to turn off all the devices, close the curtains to end the meeting.

Architecture and landscape lighting and embellishment

Architecture and landscape lighting and embellishment solutions

- Easy to change the lighting context. The technique of architecture and landscape lighting and embellishment of Dien Quang will create a new look for your industrial park space while retaining the characteristics of the architecture of the project.
- Industrial park lighting solution integrates automatic sensors with smart technology to program suitable for many different scenarios.
- It is the perfect solution to keep your industrial park safe, create a sense of security and relaxation for experience people.
- The solution also provides other forms of landscape lighting including: passageway lighting, bush and cluster lighting, etc.

Due to the continuous lighting characteristics, large lighting range, high power consumption,  so the industrial park and enterprises in the industrial park need to use high-efficiency lighting products, arrange reasonable design to optimize the ability to save electricity. LED lights are considered the optimal industrial lighting solution in the industry to save electricity.

Dien Quang - A prestigious companion for modern industrial lighting solution

Dien Quang is in the top of Vietnam in the field of lighting and electrical equipment supply. The company is constantly improving the research and production of new products with high use value and quality, bringing maximum efficiency to the users. In addition, Dien Quang also owns a team of highly professional staff, enthusiastic about the profession. When customers have any issues or errors during use, our staff are always available to support and handle them in a timely manner. 

In addition to launching an efficient and cost-effective industrial lighting solution, we always aim to be safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, all lighting solutions of Dien Quang receive special attention from consumers. The above article has introduced you in detail to the industrial park lighting solution implemented by Dien Quang. Dien Quang always sets the criteria of efficiency, safety and energy saving on the lighting standards reserved for spaces such as factories and enterprises. 

If you have any questions about the above lighting solutions or need assistance in finding other lighting solutions of Dien Quang, please contact hotline 19001257 for free advice and support.