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Smart lighting for corridor

Corridors in restaurants, accommodation and travel locations are places to circulate and connect areas in the building, so corridor lighting plays an important role in helping users be more convenient in moving. Dien Quang’s current smartest corridor lighting solution will enable the space of Hospitality buildings to be highly aesthetic and especially save electricity used. Let’s learn more about this solution with Dien Quang!

Smart Corridor Lighting in Hospitality

Smart corridor lighting solution are being applied by many restaurants and hotels because of the modern safety it brings

The Hospitality sector covers three main areas: tourism and travel services, hospitality and gastronomy services. This is the industry that regularly contacts and serves customers, so the works require a unique and perfect mark. 

Corridors in restaurants, hotels, etc. are areas with many people passing frequently. So light plays a very important role in establishing the right atmosphere for this environment. It ensures safety and comfort for the staff, customers or people entering and leaving the hotel. For these places, it is necessary to use a smart autonomous control lighting solution.

Smart corridor lighting is a smart, flexible lighting control solution that brings convenience and comfort to users. We can control smart lighting by app or by voice, etc. You can control the light anywhere with an internet-connected smartphone with a control app installed in your hand.
Smart corridor lighting in Hospitality needs to be convenient and safe. Clearly illuminate the steps up and down the stairs, avoiding dazzling. Lighting in corridors and passageways is important and necessary in buildings, hotels, etc. Ensuring sufficient light in this area will help staff, customers, etc. to move safely and easily to find stairs.

Smart Corridor Lighting Standards in the Hospitality sector

Smart corridor lighting in the Hospitality sector requires a high level of aesthetics 

How to make the corridors in restaurants and hotels highly aesthetic, receive enough light with the right intensity, help people move safely and easily while ensuring power saving? To achieve these criteria, we need to pay attention to some important standards below when implementing smart corridor lighting solution:
●    To have a beautiful corridor space, it can not fail to care about the color of the light. When selecting the lighting of corridors, attention should be paid to the principle of color matching and the intended use of the corridors. Light colors should not be chosen in contrast to the design style of the corridor.
●    Select appropriate lighting capacity to suit the area of the corridor to avoid unnecessary waste of power. For corridors with high ceilings, high-powered lighting units should be used.
●    The distribution of light in the corridor will directly affect the customer’s eyesight so light intensity is very important. Attention should be paid to the height of the ceiling of the corridor and the lighting area for proper calculation.
●    In addition to its lighting uses, lamps in the Hospitality sector are considered decorative objects. Therefore, the lighting style needs to be suitable for different corridor designs such as: classic, modern, etc. The lights must be in harmony with the decorative objects on the corridor.
●    Safety is a standard that cannot be ignored during the use of electrical equipment. Therefore, to choose high quality products, it is necessary to choose smart solution to facilitate the control process.

Hospitality space is more comfortable and safe with Dien Quang’s smart corridor lighting solution

Smart corridor lighting solution in the Hospitality sector ensure comfort, aesthetics in the space and safe circulation between rooms. 

Self-adjusting light intensity when people move

This feature is a form of automation mode. This means that the on/off of the lights of one or more areas is detected by the sensor. The light sensor detects events within their scan range and sends a signal to the system to decide whether to turn the lights on or off. When you specify the area, the stairs will turn on the lights if there is not enough natural light and people pass by. It means that the system will have to check both “light” and “mover” conditions to give the light on command. 

To maintain the welcoming feeling of the hotel and restaurant when traveling on the corridor, warm white light is the best choice. Using a built-in accessory with multiple LEDs can provide more efficient lighting and conserve energy when lighting the space. 

Maximum power savings

The integrated accessory led with motion sensor will automatically activate when motion is detected but will not operate when it is not needed. In areas such as restaurant corridors, hotels, where irregular movement will help save electric energy for businesses. 

Smart corridor lighting solution in the Hospitality sector implemented by Dien Quang meet the criteria of modern safety and power saving

Dien Quang is a leading Vietnamese company in the field of lighting and electrical equipment. The company has always been a leader in researching and producing new products with high quality and maximum efficiency for users. Besides, Dien Quang owns a team of highly specialized staff, dedicated to the profession. When customers have any issues or errors during use, we are always available to support and handle them in a timely manner. 

Dien Quang has successfully implemented many smart lighting solution in many fields, especially smart corridor lighting in the Hospitality sector. The above article has introduced you in detail to the smart corridor lighting solution implemented by Dien Quang. It can be seen that Dien Quang always places safety and modern criteria on the lighting standards reserved for spaces such as restaurants and hotels. 

If you have any questions about this solution or need assistance in finding other external lighting and highlighting solution of Dien Quang, please contact the hotline 19001257 for free advice and support.