Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

Landscape Lighting Solution

The landscape lighting solution is part of the smart lighting solution set for education sector provided by Dien Quang. Landscape lighting solution bring many practical benefits to school landscapes: Create an attractive architectural appearance, easily change the lighting context automatically, bring an aesthetic space experience to increase creation of students, diverse forms of landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting creates attractive architectural appearance

The school's architectural landscape art lighting is considered an effective exploitation of the "material" of light, highlighting the outstanding architectural features of the school. Dien Quang's school landscape lighting design will create an attractive, lively and brilliant school architecture.
In the overall school architecture, landscape lighting plays the role of coordinating the harmony between the outstanding architecture and the surrounding environment. At night, when the sun goes down, the school architecture will be engulfed in darkness, the landscape lighting helps highlight the architectural shapes in an attractive way, and at the same time has a directional meaning in the school space.

Lighting the overall landscape at the school

Dien Quang's school landscape lighting solution applies many different types of light to adorn the project. Focal light - focus on important structures, draw attention to the architecture while making them more attractive. Ambient luminescence – general environmental lighting, this is the background light that illuminates the entire space, with an even and shadowless element that helps everyone feel safe. Bright light - the light that creates accents, changes colors, stimulates human vision and increases emotions.

Landscape lighting solution that easily changes the context

Dien Quang's smart lighting in the education field integrates automatic sensors. The lighting system can automatically adjust the lighting according to the context.
Landscape lighting solution are pre-installed with smart contextual scenarios for each area. Specifically, the walkway lights automatically adjust brightness when people move, change the light according to the natural light source, automatically adjust the focused light according to the subject, etc.

Experience the aesthetic light space

Using Dien Quang's landscape lighting solution, schools can bring emotional value from architectural lighting. Dien Quang lighting solution have aesthetic lighting designs that help create a great spatial experience for students and teachers, stimulating everyone's creativity and learning.

  Aesthetic light space increases the spirit of learning and creativity

The purposeful combination of lighting from landscape lights will help convey information about the values and messages of a well-branded school. Good aesthetic lighting not only has artistic value but also reflects a part of the school's style and spirit. They increase the artistic experience and emotional experience for viewers, increase interaction, thereby connecting everyone in the school together, enriching the spiritual life at the school.

Diverse forms of landscape lighting

The school landscape art lighting solution developed by Dien Quang includes diverse forms of lighting, such as:
Walkway lighting: Lighting along the way in the school to ensure the safety of students and teachers. Walkway lighting equipment come in a variety of sizes and designs that can easily enhance the overall theme of a school landscape space, while also providing lighting to prevent accidents in the dark along the walkway.
Single tree lighting: Use landscape lighting equipment to highlight single plants or distinct accessories of the school landscape. The solution of installing lights underground will help the landscape look neater.

Lights for walkway and single trees in school space

Cluster lighting: Use lighting to show a specific object or cluster of objects, with brilliant light for a dark area.
Lighting of the lake: Lighting equipment submerged in water creates a particularly attractive effect at night. Using underwater lights with focused beams or rippling movements, combined with color changing light effects, will make the school fountain or swimming pool area extremely outstanding.
Dien Quang's school landscape lighting solution will work with schools to create a learning environment that is both modern and attractive, stimulating the spirit of learning and teaching at schools, thereby improving the quality of education for schools.