Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

Smart solution for city

Building a smart city is a direction that many developed countries around the world have focused on in recent times. Comprehensive smart solutions for urban areas in general, or buildings, factories, hotels, resorts or apartments... in particular are increasingly expected to witness continuous growth in the future.

How is the smart city trend in Vietnam?

Smart City or Smart City is a city built on the foundation of information technology that helps to connect and create an overall organic system that is connected from many component systems with an artificial intelligence system ( WHO).
Four components are often connected to AI systems to create a smart city:

  • Digital telecommunications network: A network that transmits information and connects terminals inside a smart city.
  • Sensors - Sensors: These are sensors for temperature, air quality, smart cameras, traffic sensors, etc.
  • Big Data – Big Data: A source of big data that is updated both passively and actively through sensors in Smart City. This data is the basis for analysis and effective urban operation solutions.
  • Internet of Things – Internet of Things (IoT): traffic light systems, smartphone cam systems, smart buildings, electrical systems, environmental monitoring systems… and all other sensors.

Smart cities have been the development trend of most cities in the world, and Vietnam is no exception to that trend. The Government of Vietnam identifies smart and sustainable urban development as a breakthrough direction to contribute to improving national competitiveness. Because it has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Ensure safety for health and security, security for living space.
  • Save up to 80% of power consumption for users and society.
  • Easy centralized management, efficient operation and maintenance. Save costs for human resources.
  • Optimizing quality of life, bringing comfort and aesthetics.
  • Particularly for Dien Quang's Smart City solution, an open system is also used. So it will be easy to combine with platforms and applications from different vendors.

Currently, Vietnam has also applied and deployed a number of smart city models such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Binh Duong...

Dien Quang - Strategic partner/General contractor specializing in providing solutions for smart urban areas

Comprehensive intelligent lighting solutions for Dien Quang's urban areas are developed from macro-scale such as smart city, smart city to smaller projects such as restaurants, hotels or houses. The set of solutions includes small solutions such as: Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Home and Smart Office to create a comprehensive smart city system.

And to meet the requirements of the investor, as well as satisfy the users, all solutions of Dien Quang are guaranteed with the following criteria: comfort, safety, aesthetics, industry leading. technology and flexibility. In addition, there are many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Proactive model, can be flexibly customized according to the requirements of the Investor.
  • Coming from a lamp manufacturing company, so always ensure adequate goods for both lighting and smart.
  • Products and services are researched and developed directly at Dien Quang, bringing proactive advantages in production time.

Bringing to buildings and projects in smart cities outstanding advantages:

  • Saving and efficient use of electricity, reducing costs for investors.
  • The script is designed to be diverse, automated and flexible, suitable for each specific context, meeting many different requirements.
  • Two-layer security system, ensuring safety and high reliability for investors and customers to use.
  • Bringing customers a convenient, simple and effective service experience.
  • Create a safe, friendly and healthy living & working environment.

Some applications of Dien Quang Smart City solution in big cities

Ensure security and safety for the city

  • Using intelligent multi-layer artificial intelligence camera to recognize license plate face. In order to proactively detect incidents (break-in, accidents, etc.) and send warnings to the Center to
  • timely handling.
  • Ensure elevator security: the system will control the elevator stratification to ensure privacy and high security for residents of all floors. At the same time, the intelligent system integrated in the elevator also helps open the elevator for residents with facial recognition technology. Visitors can be conveniently opened by the host via Intercom, mobile or card.
  • The system measures humidity, temperature, and air quality, then broadcasts warnings about environmental pollution levels and gives advice to residents.

Smart city operation

  • Building a 24/7 operation center applying the most advanced technologies (AI, IoT Internet of Things). BMS (Building Management System) system can be integrated with large units like Schneider to:
    + Supervising the entire technical system of the urban area.
    + Analyze & standardize energy limits.
    + Automatically adjust mode according to temperature and environmental conditions; Monitor and alert when there is a problem.
    + Analyze energy data & give advice.
  • Smart infrastructure includes: indoor/outdoor public Wifi system and smart street lighting in urban areas according to NBIoT or Lora technology.
  • The smart parking system can assist in finding parking spaces and paying automatically through the app. Integrated with automatic license plate recognition system.

Smart community

  • Smart administration through the app:
    + Provide complete information about services - utilities in urban areas and information about the environment (air quality, temperature, humidity, pollution warning, etc...).
    + Connecting the service ecosystem of the city and building.
    + Report problems, set a schedule to use the utility... directly through the app.
    + Pay service fees, electricity and water bills and other living expenses via the app.
  • Connecting small communities and clubs such as Golf Association, Technology Lovers Association, Beauty Association through applications. Residents can easily participate in programs, tournaments, activities
  • community combined with offline.
  • Smart commerce connects stores throughout the urban area for residents to shop more conveniently. Simultaneously develop Smart Kid Pay, an electronic wallet for spending money in urban areas with a limit set by parents.

Smart apartments and products

  • Automatic control with sensor system (light, music...) and automatic (control curtain, light, animation....) helps bring comfortable and convenient life.
  • The smart device control feature via Smartphone/voice… makes it easy for residents to use & control home devices (even in their absence). Pre-set scenarios to save time, costs and ensure a more comfortable life.

  • SOS bell (for children/elderly), sensors for water, gas, smoke, heat... Ensure security and safety... has an emergency button to notify loved ones in case of trouble, with warnings of Other dangerous situations.

With the development strategy of smart solutions for urban areas, covering from macro to micro level, Dien Quang is constantly developing and upgrading services more comprehensively. All lighting and smart solutions for urban areas are aimed at the long-term goal of ensuring: Safety, comfort, aesthetics and environmental friendliness.