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Disinfect Solution

The outbreak of COVID-19 is becoming more serious and complex in Vietnam, especially in large cities. Therefore, during this time, the first priority is to increase measures to prevent and combat community spread. Dien Quang’s disinfect solution using UV rays in bactericidal technology is sure to be a great choice for moving safely in restaurants and hotels.

Potential risks of bacteria, viruses in elevators

Elevators are places with a high potential risk of bacteria and viruses

Many people think that the travel time in the elevator only takes a few minutes, so cleaning is not important. However, in such an enclosed space, there are many risks to health.

The environment inside the elevator is a closed environment, so there is a lot of bacteria and dirt. Our regular contact with objects such as grab bars, elevator control buttons will pose a high risk of infection with bacteria and viruses. If the elevator is not cleaned regularly, these locations will contain a much higher amount of germs than the toilet. Besides the germs brought by people entering the elevator such as sand in shoes, dirt from clothes/utensils accumulated in the elevator can be harmful to our health.

If an infected person does not wear a mask and sneezes or coughs in the elevator, the virus may exist on the surface of buttons, grab bars, and walls. When using the elevator, touch the above things, if you do not remember or do not wash your hands when you accidentally put your hands on your eyes, nose and mouth, the risk of coronavirus infection is very high.

Conventional measures against bacteria and viruses

Cleaning the elevator is essential to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses in the elevator from entering the body.
- Elevators in restaurants and hotels need cleaning regularly, especially control buttons. When cleaning, use detergents, bactericides to prevent bacteria from proliferating and spreading to people.
- It is recommended to clean the entrance area at the basement door and elevator cabin floor as these are places with many layers of resident bacteria.
- Equipped with hand sanitizer in or in front of the elevator door so that we can immediately clean our hands after pressing the control button or touching the grab bars.
- When you take the elevator, you should wear a mask, limit talking, if the elevator is too crowded, you should choose to take the next turn.
- Minimize hand contact with the locations in the elevator, after pressing the button do not touch the mask, avoid rubbing your eyes, nose, etc.
- Disinfectants and hand soap should be used immediately after using the elevator. 
These are all manual solutions, which can not bring optimal efficiency.

Modern solutions - Dien Quang’s disinfect solution

To address the potential risk of bacteria and viruses in the elevator, Dien Quang pioneers the application of UV disinfection solutions. Through this mechanism, Dien Quang bactericidal elevator is implemented with outstanding features to replace inefficient manual methods. Dien Quang has launched this solution with the hope of joining hands with the community to push back the epidemic.

Kill harmful bacteria with UV light

It is a method of disinfection using the bactericidal properties of UV rays that breaks down cell nuclei, inhibiting the production of bacteria and viruses. Then remove them completely from the atmosphere in the elevator. UV light is a harsh environment for microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens.
Bactericidal elevators are an improved solution and use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses in the elevator cabin reduces the risk of infection to the user while ensuring high safety.
This state-of-the-art bactericidal system can remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses from exposed surfaces for optimal efficiency.
The energy saving LED lighting system is installed directly in the elevator cabin, programmed to 3 sensor layers to clean surfaces without using ozone or toxic chemicals in the elevator to avoid the risk of environmental pollution.

The sensor automatically turns off the bactericidal mode when there are people, ensuring that UV rays are not harmful to health

Dien Quang bactericidal elevator solution uses UV rays to kill bacteria and viruses

In particular, this solution is integrated with smart auto on/off sensor technology. Three layers of safety sensors ensure the UV system only works when the ladder chamber is empty. When the elevator is unoccupied, the UV detection system automatically turns off and switches to normal light mode.
The application process of the bactericidal elevator solution is simple, does not take too much time and effort but provides the most optimal efficiency.

Choose Dien Quang to make your surrounding living space safe and healthy

Dien Quang is a leading technology company in Vietnam in the field of lighting and electrical equipment. With the slogan, “Wherever electricity goes, dien quang will be right there”, the Dien Quang branded products is not only present throughout the country but also exported to many other countries and territories in the world. 
Besides, Dien Quang owns a team of highly specialized, dedicated and enthusiastic staff. When customers have any issues or errors during use, we are always available to support and handle them in a timely manner.
This article has introduced you to bactericidal elevator solution of Dien Quang. If the hotel and restaurant owners are in a headache to find a bactericidal solution that is both simple and safe and still ensures high efficiency, contact Dien Quang immediately via hotline: 19001257 for advice and construction and installation support!