Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang


The cooperation between the Founder Groups & Partners will be the foundation to promote future smart city projects that are superior in both quality and art.




The Vietnam Smart City Consortium will become the General Contractor for all the processes of formation and development of a smart city. Moreover, we aim to become Vietnam's Leading Integrated Ecosystem for World Class Smart City Deployment



Vietnam Smart City Consortium ( VSCC) will engage our stakeholders from cities to developers through the most efficient design, construction and continuous project enhancement by leveraging on our state of the art technology, people and process










Dien Quang Group:


Being established in 1973, Dien Quang is currently a leading technology company in the field of providing lighting products, services and solutions, electrical equipment, and smart control. Dien Quang’s differences are that by researching, developing, and launching technology products, services, and solutions we bring "Intelligent - Safety - Aesthetic" which is considered as a strategic partner for the solution. smart lighting. With the customer–centric orientation, Dien Quang not only provides effective solutions but also gives consultancy on advanced world trends in order to bring more comprehensiveness beyond the expectations of investors, customers, and partners.




Fundaction Metropoli: 


Being established in 1997, It has been oriented to operate in cities and territories with the goal of contributing globally to accelerate economic development, and improve competitiveness, quality of life, and sustainability. The Metropoli has collaborated with many cities around the world and consistently applied the motto "Smart Territories." Metropoli's solution has helped these cities get a distinctive design as well as develop impactful initiatives and projects. Metropoli's activities are organized along three main lines: researching, designing, and project development, with the goal of creating an ecosystem dedicated to effective innovation and positive transformation of cities and regions' territories. Metropoli also forms alliances with a network of "Strategic Partners" for smart city solutions, which are major standards in the direction of urban solutions all over the world.




Chunghwa Telecom:


Being established in 1996, Chunghwa Telecom is the largest integrated telecommunications service provider in Taiwan, with leading services in domestic and international communications, mobile communications, broadband, and internet service. Besides these traditional services, Chunghwa Telecom also provides information and communication technology services to enterprise customers with big data, information security, cloud computing, and IDC, and it is expanding business to advanced technology services such as IoT, AI, etc. These capabilities and services aim to create an optimal communication environment to enable a better digital lifestyle as well as to serve as the key international partner.