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Interior Lighting

An efficient and impressive lighting system will contribute to making the project more successful. Moreover, artificial light also directly affects the user’s spatial experience. Dien Quang would like to introduce to you the interior lighting solution, helping you solve the problem of lighting for your living and working space.

What types of lighting systems are available for internal works?

Light is an important factor in architecture and furniture, which can enhance the value of the building, or it can visually destroy the space. Therefore, choosing the right lighting solution will help you be half successful in building and designing your space. Currently, there are several types of lighting systems that are in common use for internal works:

Commonly used direct lighting in work areas

●    Direct light: This is an interior lighting solution with a fluorescent way of projecting directly onto a surface, allowing the brightness not to be lost due to absorption in walls and ceilings. Typically, this method is applied to areas that require a lot of direct light such as kitchen tables, work areas, office tables, etc.
●    Indirect light: This lighting system will direct the light source at another surface so that part of the light is absorbed, the other part will reflect in the opposite direction. Accordingly, they produce a kind of soft light that does not directly strike the object. This lighting solution will bring a soft, comfortable light source to the eyes, so it is often used in spaces with a relaxing purpose such as bedrooms, living rooms, spas, etc. 
●    Diffuse light: The fluorescence of a light source passes through a diffuser and is dissipated in all directions without rays of light. This diffuser is usually opaque white glass or an acrylic sheet, etc. This lighting system will create some variation of the shadows. Much of the light reaches the projected surface by reflecting on ceilings and walls. This makes the ambient light quite homogeneous and beautiful. This solution is often used in restaurants and cafes to create beauty and comfort for everyone in the space. 
●    Accent light: Light is projected directly into points or focus areas in the space inside the building. The light source will be placed focused on a prominent object, so it is often used as a highlight in spaces such as living rooms, museums, exhibition areas in commercial centers, etc.

The accent lighting creates prominence in the space.

What is outstanding about the interior lighting solution of Dien Quang?

Dien Quang is a leader in the field of providing comprehensive solutions, including efficient and quality internal work lighting solutions. Coming to Dien Quang, customers will experience the lighting system with the following highlights:
●    Smart lighting technology according to the scenario, automatically adjust according to the time, weather or the specific needs of the employer as well as the user. You can set the lighting system to suit people’s interests and routines. For example, in the bedroom, it needs soft light, in the corridor area, there will be light operated by sensors, which can automatically turn on and off when people pass by.
●    Use light to clearly portray the highlights of the building, especially the accent lighting.
●    From the highlights of the building, it will create a beautiful landscape, attracting the attention of users.
●    The holistic solution will increase professionalism and improve the quality of the works. 

Internal work lighting solutions enhance the value of the project

Embellish interior lighting solution of Dien Quang

As one of the major brands in the industry providing high-end lighting equipment, Dien Quang has supported many works to successfully solve the light problem. Besides the lighting system of the standing surface and the external landscape, the light of the internal space is very important, which determines the success of the project. With Dien Quang, customers will not have to worry about this issue because we always have the most perfect and efficient interior lighting solution.