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Disinfect Solution

In fact, the elevator in hospitals is an extremely easy place to spread the virus because of the narrow space, crowded density, many patients use it every day, etc.That's why Dien Quang offers disinfect solution to eleminate all pathogens in the hospital elevator environment, protecting the safety of patients and family members. The following article will help you better understand the working mechanism, advantages and effectiveness of this solution.

Hospital elevators need to be cleaned of bacteria

Hospital elevators and common pathogens and risks of infection

In our daily lives, the use of elevators is a very common and necessary need. But few people know that this is one of the places where many dangerous pathogens are hidden, especially the hospital elevators, where patients often use every day.

So why are hospital elevators an ideal environment for the spread of pathogens? It can be understood that the elevator cabin is a completely enclosed space, so when the sick person sneezes or talks, it will cause the virus to stick to any surface in the elevator such as handrails, buttons, etc. Just like that, when other people entering the elevator and unfortunately come into contact with the virus hiding, the risk of infection is very high.

Germicidal elevator - Effective solution to eliminate harmful pathogens

Therefore, it can be seen that hospitals always focus on cleaning and disinfecting elevator cabins to remove disease-causing germs. Thereby, minimizing the spread of the virus to others when using. However, this way often takes a lot of time and effort, so Dien Quang's disinfect solution can be considered the most optimal choice today.

Disinfect solution - a safe solution for hospital space

With bacteria and pathogens lurking around, the disinfect solution for elevators is the ideal choice. Here are the advantages that Dien Quang disinfect solution brings.

Modern sterilized mechanism by UV ray

Our disinfect solution works on the mechanism of using UV rays to kill bacteria, imultaneously combined with a motion sensor to recognize when someone enters, thereby automatically turning off the germicidal mode to avoid UV rays that are harmful to the user's health.

Learn about UV rays, this is a type of light emitted by the sun that cannot be seen by the naked eye. By the energy of ultraviolet photons from UV rays, the cell membrane of microorganisms will be penetrated and destroyed, destroying pathogens. UV rays also destroy the molecular bonds of nucleic acids, the DNA structure of bacteria, parasites, viruses and other pathogens.

Many hospitals now choose the disinfect solution

As a result, UV lights are very effective in killing pathogens in hospital elevators such as diarrhea, hepatitis and many other diseases caused by microorganisms and viruses. 

Because of the effectiveness it brings, now the germicidal elevator solution is applied by many hospitals, especially in recent years when the Covid-19 pandemic has had very complicated developments.

UV lights for hospital elevators will be installed at the elevator doors. Installation time is quite fast, only from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the design of the elevator.

Safe, economical and suitable choice for the hospital environment

It can be said that our disinfect solution is the safest, most economical and most suitable choice for the hospital environment for the following 3 reasons:

●    Elevator thoroughly destroys all harmful pathogens. Do not let the virus spread in the hospital elevator environment.

●    Low installation cost, much less expensive than the previous manual germicidal method, but with outstanding efficiency.

●    The system operates completely automatically, without costly management and operation. Flexible sensor, automatically disconnects the germicidal mode to avoid affecting the health of patients, doctors and family members.

Disinfect solution is the optimal choice and is suitable for the hospital environment

Why should you choose Dien Quang's disinfect solution?

Not only pioneering in the field of production and sales of products, services and solutions in the field of lighting and electrical equipment. At Dien Quang, we are constantly researching and creating to bring customers with smart solutions to maximize daily life. 

In particular, the disinfect solution can be said to be one of the most enthusiastic and meaningful initiatives in the current period. Dien Quang's products are all aimed at safety, savings and especially environmental friendliness for users.

With a team of experienced staff, a team of skilled technicians, Dien Quang is always ready to support customers to create modern and safe healthcare spaces. Patients, family members, medical staff are guaranteed the best living and working conditions.

The above is a summary of information about safety solutions for elevators that hospitals should refer to. If you want support in installing disinfect solution to prevent disease, please contact Dien Quang immediately via hotline 19001257 for advice and support.