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Smart LED street lighting

Smart LED street lights are increasingly being applied in resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc. to ensure aesthetics, safety and security while saving energy. Prominent among them, the smart LED street light solution using Lora technology in the Hospitality sector of Dien Quang promises to bring outstanding benefits to both managers and staying guests.

What is Lora Technology?

Lora technology is a wireless protocol designed for long-range communication with the lowest possible power consumption. By using an adaptive data rate algorithm, it helps maximize the battery lifespan and network capacity of the device. At the same time, it enhances security because the protocol includes many layers of extremely secure encryption.

Lora technology is a new protocol that makes the connection of things efficient but still saves energy

Lora technology is applied on many different electronic devices. Dien Quang has researched and launched a smart LED street light solution using Lora technology to provide wide coverage without telecommunications costs. This solution has been completed by Dien Quang in many different fields including: real estate, hospitality, industry, etc.

What advantages does the smart LED street light solution using Lora technology bring?

It can be said that smart LED street lights applying Lora technology have opened the way to the goal of developing a smart and safe hotel, restaurant and resort system. Specifically, the outstanding advantages that smart LED street light solution using Lora technology implemented by Dien Quang includes:

Monitoring safety and security of hotels, restaurants and resorts

Load graph interface on the intuitive system to predict anomalies of each system, monitor energy consumption and statistics by day/month/year.
The scalability thanks to the street light system integrated with smart management technology has helped monitor and warn the environment through temperature sensors, smoke sensors. At the same time, it supports the management and monitoring of urban traffic with a camera system with high accurate recognition.

Smart LED street lights applying Lora technology are constructed and installed in many hotels and resorts to increase aesthetics and save energy.

Effective management and human resources saving

Wireless access points and small mobile base stations will be mounted on LED streetlights at restaurants and hotels to improve broadband connectivity and support 5G networks. Centralized control decentralization from the center, without geographical restrictions, saves operating manpower.

Smart parking management

Smart LED street light poles are fitted with parking position sensors and send information directly to the control center. Therefore, the management and guests can easily find the available car position easily. All vehicle movement information is also carefully recorded and continuously updated to the control center.

High product durability, limited maintenance and replacement

Dien Quang LED street lights not only ensure aesthetics, but also can be waterproof, dustproof and avoid external environmental influences, so it is extremely suitable for installation outside hotels, restaurants and resorts. LED chip integrated lamp life measurement technology helps predict lamp failure for timely replacement.

Smart lighting system with automatic scenario

Context programming & smart sensor system has real-time on/off function in a predefined context. That means this lighting system will help reduce to a minimum in places where there is little activity at night. 
In large areas, this type of sensor device helps establish the right lighting scenarios according to the activities of moving targets, thereby bringing safety and benefits to users, and at the same time helps save energy.

The reason for choosing Dien Quang to build smart LED street lights using Lora technology in the field of Hospitality

Smart LED street lights applying Lora technology have brought smart and effective management solutions to investors in buildings, hotels, restaurants, and resorts. However, to ensure that the lighting process operates stably, safely and with little damage, investors should look to a unit specializing in the construction and installation of lighting solutions like Dien Quang because:
●    Dien Quang is a company specializing in lighting solutions, electrical equipment, electromechanical design and construction.
●    Smart LED street lights are a key product of Ho Chi Minh City, assigned by the Department of Science and Technology to Dien Quang and University of Technology to research and develop.
●    Dien Quang affirms its role as both EPC general contractor and comprehensive equipment supplier. Dien Quang is committed to responsibility for customers.
●    Experienced staff in construction of many domestic and foreign projects (Venezuela, Myanmar, etc.)
It can be seen that the smart LED street light solution applying Lora technology of Dien Quang in the field of Hospitality has solved the difficult problem of both ensuring the aesthetics of the area and enhancing security and safety, supporting comprehensive intelligent management while saving maximum energy. If you need further advice on this solution, please contact Dien Quang for support.