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Outdoor lighting

Different from other buildings, medical outdoor lighting design needs to adhere to strict lighting standards and absolutely no errors. In particular, medical outdoor lighting solution implemented by Dien Quang always focus on meeting safe lighting standards, helping to save lives and limit maintenance. Let's learn about medical outdoor lighting solution implemented by Dien Quang.

General criteria in medical project lighting

Hospitals and medical facilities are the places to receive and treat patients, so lighting solution at the hospital need to be focused to ensure the most favorable conditions for 24/7 medical examination and treatment. Just a small mistake can make the process of serving emergency cases, surgery, daily life, etc. dangerous. Therefore, when designing medical lighting solution, the following criteria should be adhered to:
●    Meet Vietnam standard TCVN 7114-1:2008: on light indicators & quality.
●    Meet Vietnamese regulation QCVN 09:2013: on efficient use of energy in construction works.
●    Meet the regulations of Vietnam's Ministry of Health QCVN 22/2016/BYT – National technical regulation on lighting – Permissible level of lighting in the workplace.
●    Meet Vietnamese standards TCXDVN 365:2007: general hospital.
●    Ensure visual comfort, no light flicker, no glare, no shadow collapse.
●    High quality, durable, beautiful lighting equipment, high luminous efficiency, environmental friendliness, reducing operating costs.
●    Wide range of light color temperature: 3000K, 4000K 5000K, 6500K.

Medical outdoor lighting needs to meet strict lighting standards

Is medical outdoor lighting solution really necessary?

In hospitals and medical facilities, in addition to paying attention to lighting the examination areas, inpatient areas, sterile areas, operating rooms, etc., the outdoor works also have specific and necessary lighting requirements. Using light to clearly depict outstanding features outside the hospital such as: hospital facades, ornamental plants, miniatures, etc. Bright outdoor light will not only create beautiful and luxurious landscapes for the hospital but also increase professionalism and improve patient morale.
The work outside the hospital is a place for patients to rest and relax and also a place where medical staff welcome new patients. Therefore, optimizing the hospital's operating capacity through correct and sufficient outdoor lighting will help medical staff work more efficiently and accurately. At the same time, patients will feel comfortable and recover faster.

Hospital outdoor lighting solution helps increase the aesthetics of the overall space

In addition, the outdoor project lighting solution also helps increase the aesthetics of the overall hospital space. The peculiarities of hospital lighting design are often technical, monotonous and not aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the outdoor project lighting solution will help increase the commercial value of the project and contribute to the urban beauty.

What is the outstanding outdoor lighting solution at hospital of Dien Quang?

Dien Quang's medical outdoor project lighting solution integrate both artificial and natural lighting options to not only save energy but also increase convenience for users. Dien Quang has also integrated lighting modes serving many different functions in the same space with many modes suitable for both day and night.
In particular, the application of smart lighting devices and technologies according to the scenario, automatically adjusting the light according to the time, weather, and needs of the hospital has helped managers be more proactive. Managers can easily remotely control via phone, remove or voice control.  

Dien Quang has used light to clearly depict outstanding features outside the hospital such as: hospital facades, ornamental plants, miniatures, etc. The lighting equipment used by Dien Quang are all sealed housing, dustproof, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. As a result, Dien Quang's hospital outdoor project lighting solution not only improve comfort, but also save energy, reduce maintenance, and well solve both economic problems and aesthetic standards. 
The above article has introduced in detail to you the outdoor project lighting solution at the hospital implemented by Dien Quang. It can be seen that Dien Quang always sets efficiency and safety criteria on extremely strict lighting standards for projects at hospitals. If you have any questions or need help on finding outdoor project lighting solution, please contact Dien Quang for a free consultation.