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Smart Building

In order to help managers control all activities of hotels, restaurants, etc. smart building solution for the Hospitality sector of Dien Quang have been researched and born. Not only provide smart solution to help management, this smart building solution also provides comfortable and top quality experiences for all guests. Let’s find out the details of the smart building solution of Dien Quang in the Hospitality sector.

Benefits of introducing Smart Building solution into buildings, hotels, resorts

For managers and investors

The smart building solution adopted in Hospitality sector has opened up to managers and investors the most comprehensive, smart management solution. Specifically, smart building solution will help managers and investors to:
●    Easy to manage the system and the operation of the whole hotel, restaurant, etc., continuously. Automated scenarios that are easy to use and control will help managers save manpower to operate the system.
●    Management efficiency is automated and ensured safety, avoiding errors during operation.
●    The sensor system makes it possible for managers to detect problems in the administration system as quickly as possible. Thereby, it is possible to promptly propose solution to overcome and solve problems quickly, minimize damage.
●    Energy saving by the system is automated. The scenario of adjusting the air conditioner or other electrical equipment such as lights, fans, etc. will be automatically adjusted to suit when customers leave the room, open the window, etc.
●    Create images of modern and comfortable hotels, restaurants, tourist accommodation addresses, etc. in the impression of customers.

Smart building solution helps investors manage the entire Hospitality project system

For the customer, the experiencing person

No customer can refuse to experience and use high-tech gadgets at their chosen resting place. Therefore, smart building solution will provide customers with outstanding utilities such as:
●    All the equipment in the room can be controlled with a single button or voice communication.
●    The sensor system is automated, the equipment in the room will operate according to the most comprehensive customer service scenario.
●    Built-in positioning system helps find vehicles in the parking lot by phone when there is a need to use a commuter.
●    Ensure maximum security and safety for customers to eat, drink, rest at restaurants, hotels, etc.

Smart Building brings the experiencing people the most modern and advanced utilities

Operation scenario of smart building solution of Dien Quang in Hospitality sector

The Smart Building solution is an opportunity for the management of Hospitality buildings to improve management performance, operational productivity and provide a comfortable and convenient living environment. All smart devices, sensors are connected to each other and operate through a server. These scenarios are automated to suit each room and user needs, specifically:

Smart office scenarios for managers

When opening the room door, the scenario adjusts the brightness of the light when the sunlight changes, the air conditioner turns on with the right temperature. The system also automatically reduces the light brightness, changes the air-conditioning temperature at lunch break, and turns off lights and air-conditioning on time to leave. 
In addition, the solution used a PMS (Property Management System) system to manage the entire building system. You can control the devices via the phone.

Smart meeting room scenario

●    Welcome script when entering the room. The system will automatically turn on the light, turn on the air conditioning, ready to welcome guests with the operation of opening the meeting room or with a button.
●    While you are discussing, you can easily reduce the brightness of the light, close the curtains, lower the screen, turn on the projector ready for the presentation with just one button.
●    When the presentation is finished, it is very convenient to switch the room to the discussion mode.
●    At the end of the meeting, press one button to turn off all the devices, close the curtains to end the meeting.

Guest Room Scenario

When guests check in and enter the room, the automatic scenario with the lighting system will be turned on, the light will be suitable and gentle to the eyes, the curtains will be pulled automatically, the air conditioner will open with the temperature suitable for the outdoor temperature to avoid heat shocks that affect the health of the customers, spreading the relaxing essential oils,... Smart lighting solution for rooms and villas for rent in the Hospitality sector of Dien Quang 

Scenario when the customer goes through Checkout procedure

Customers choose Checkout on tablets, when they leave the room, the heater, the lights, the air conditioning will automatically turn off, the curtains are 100% closed. At the same time, after withdrawing the keycard, there will be a farewell greeting to the customer. The room will automatically switch to Free mode, send a housekeeping request to the hotel software system.

Scenario when the customer comes to drop off and pick up their vehicles

The information on location, path to the parking lot will be automatically updated on the phone. If the customer needs to go out, the integrated positioning system helps to search for the vehicle in the parking lot by phone.

The smart building solution of Dien Quang in Hospitality sector is built on an open platform, easily connected to IoT internet of things products.

In the near future, smart building will become a commercial trend applied by investors in most fields, not exclusively in Hospitality sector. If you are looking to upgrade or convert your hotel, restaurant, travel accommodation,... projects into smarter projects, please refer to the smart building solution of Dien Quang.