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Disinfect Solution

Although the hospital is a place to perform the task of curing and saving people, it is also a place where many dangerous pathogens are hidden. In particular, in the space of medicine room, medicine storehouse, medical waste storehouse, collection room, etc., it is necessary to carefully sterilize and disinfect. Realizing the importance of sterilization in hospitals, Dien Quang has researched and launched a smart disinfect solution in healthcare. Let's find out what's outstanding about Dien Quang's disinfect solution

Why is it necessary to conduct disinfection in medicine storehouse and medical waste storehouse?

In the face of increasingly complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic and in order to limit cross-infection in hospitals, disinfection work in all hospital spaces is always a top priority. Not only medical clinics, but also medical waste storehouse, personal items collection rooms, medicine storehouse, etc. need to be thoroughly disinfected because:
●    The quality of the air we breathe, the source of drinking water and the cleanliness of the surfaces we touch have a big impact on our physical and mental health. Meanwhile, the hospital environment is a potential place for many pathogens with different viruses and bacteria coexisting.
●    Most of the people who come to the hospital are in very poor health. These are favorable conditions for bacteria and viruses to spread and attack.
●    Many cases of cross-infection in hospitals have occurred. Therefore, the problem of sterilization in healthcare needs to be paid attention to and gave top priority to avoid a strong outbreak.

Disinfecting spaces in hospitals is extremely important to prevent bacteria from spreading and causing disease

Should UV rays be used to sterilize in hospitals?

How effective is UV rays to sterilize?

Currently, the UV rays hospital disinfect solution is applied by many medical units. UV ray is a type of ultraviolet light with a short wavelength from 320nm to 400nm. In most current disinfect solution, UV rays make a very positive contribution thanks to their ability to sterilize and kill pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

According to research by experts, UV rays can kill even viruses that cause disease in the air without causing harm to human health. In Vietnam, the application of UV rays to kill bacteria in hospital spaces is quite common. In particular, in high-risk rooms such as bronchoscopy, biopsy room, etc. are installed.

Does using UV rays to sterilize hospitals have any effect on human health?

UV rays belong to a risk group of 3 and lamps that emit UV with high power can cause serious damage to the skin and eyes. Therefore, when using, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes to the light of the lamp. At the same time, when turning on the disinfect UV lamp, it is necessary to ensure that no people are within the lighting range of the lamp.
To ensure that the disinfect solution effect works well without affecting human health, during use, you should note:
●    Activate disinfect solution only when no one is inside the room.
●    When the lights are on, open the room windows.
●    Sterilize for 30 minutes, then turn off the lights and open the door to let the air circulate about 20 minutes before people enter the room.
Therefore, you should buy safe, quality UV lamp equipment. You can refer to Dien Quang's disinfect UV lamp because of the following advantages:
●    Dien Quang's disinfect UV lamp is completely different by outstanding features: Ultraviolet (UV-C) application helps destroy and inactivate harmful microorganisms.
●    In particular, this product is integrated with smart automatic on / off sensor technology.
●    In addition, the product uses LED UVC chip, so there is no mercury, ensuring safety for users' health.

What is special about Dien Quang's smart disinfect solution in healthcare?

●    Smart disinfect solution is applied to all rooms and areas in the hospital. Especially the operating room area, clinic, places with strict regulations on cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
●    Dien Quang's disinfect solution uses ultraviolet rays to kill and inactivate harmful microorganisms.
●    Integrate automatic sensor technology so that the device can turn on and off according to the scenario when it detects someone in the operating area and brings safety to the user.
●    Dien Quang's disinfect solution system uses modern LED chip technology which does not contain mercury, so it is safe for users. Therefore, it will not cause any additional unpleasant odors while the disinfect solution is operating.
●    Although it has good disinfect ability, Dien Quang's ultraviolet disinfect solution is extremely energy efficient. At the same time, the product has a long life, so the maintenance and replacement cost is quite low.
●    Disinfect solution and smart controllers designed and manufactured by Dien Quang itself at Dien Quang Hi-tech Factory can be used to sterilize water sources and surfaces of medical equipment and utensils.

Dien Quang's smart disinfect solution in healthcare uses equipment to kill bacteria which is safe, convenient and protect users' health.

If you are looking for a smart disinfect solution in healthcare, please refer to Dien Quang's UV rays disinfect solution. For more information, please contact Dien Quang for advice and specific quotes.