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Balcony Safety Solution

Instead of paying attention to the factors to ensure apartment safety, in facts, many employers of apartments and high-rise buildings focus only on the progress and area. Therefore, there have been few traumatic accidents for young children at high-rise railing. In the face of this situation, Dien Quang has launched a balcony safety solution, with high safety efficiency, bring peace of mind for all families and employers.

Risk of insecurity at railings of high-rise apartments and buildings

Urgency of installing balcony safety solution

Balcony are dangerous locations, easily leading to accidents without an optimal protection system. In high-rise buildings and apartments, the fact that young children fall from buildings makes parents extremely nervous. This is because the design, construction, operation and management of high-rise buildings are not equipped with sufficient balcony safety devices.

In addition, although many families who have just moved into high-rise apartment buildings, see the lack of safety systems for railings, they still subjective, not paying attention to installing them. Meanwhile, managing young children playing in the house is very neglectful, leading to many traumatic accidents.

Therefore, it is essential to install a safety warning system for the railings. When there is a warning system, both adults and children are guaranteed safety when present at the railings. If moving into a potentially unsafe area, the system will alert the adult and provide quick responses in a timely manner.

Insecure railings contain many dangers

Advantages of the Dien Quang railing safety warning solution

Dien Quang is known to be a pioneer brand in the field of supplying electrical equipment, smart lighting solutions in the Vietnamese market. Dien Quang is proud to be a companion of all employers of works, buildings and apartments. With the LADDIN SAFETY BALCONY solution, Dien Quang focuses on ensuring the safety of residents in the balcony area, where it is extremely dangerous for young children.

With this solution, all movement at the balcony will be closely monitored. When children enter the danger zone at the balcony, the system activates the alarm. As a result, adults will be able to detect and process quickly, avoiding unfortunate incidents.

Advantages of the balcony safety solution include:
●    The equipment is researched and manufactured using modern technological lines, controls quality strictly and has longevity.
●    The system uses advanced and smart technology to provide a different experience for users.
●    The solution is easy to use, convenient and safe for any family.
●    Low installation costs, accurate warning system, absolute safety.

Strengths of Dien Quang when deploying safety warning solutions for balcony

Dien Quang has shifted from the power equipment supplier to unit providing smart, comprehensive lighting solutions. From its establishment to now, Dien Quang has consistently followed this industry, working hard to find smart and advanced solutions to meet the increasing demand of customers. With this background, Dien Quang is confident to implement balcony safety solution for all high-rise buildings and apartments throughout Vietnam. Specifically, those strengths include:
●    Dien Quang owns a team of qualified personnel and engineers, from consulting to the construction and installation of the balcony safety warning system, all implemented synchronously, ensuring quality as committed.
●    Dien Quang helps customers optimize costs, save power through the application of smart power saving technologies.
●    Dien Quang has extensive experience in general contractor construction of comprehensive solutions for many high-rise buildings and apartments in the country.
●    Dien Quang is a large corporation, the brand has been affirmed over many years. Therefore, the belief of employers when choosing Dien Quang’s solution is an absolute belief in a prestigious brand.

Above is all the comprehensive information about the balcony safety solution of Dien Quang. Through this article, I hope you have a better understanding of the benefits and advantages of this solution for ensuring the safety of young children in high-rise buildings and apartments. For detailed advice on this solution, please contact Dien Quang for advice and supply.