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Solar solution - rooftop solar power was researched and launched by Dien Quang in order to optimize the cost of electricity, and at the same time ensure the safety of workers when working in industrial zones. Let's find out the detailed information about rooftop solar power solutions for the industrial sector implemented by Dien Quang.

Reasons to apply Solar solutions in the industrial sector

Facing a series of red alarms about the problem of energy consumption and environmental pollution coming from industrial zones, factories, production plants, etc., rooftop solar power was born and is considered the perfect solution to overcome these problems well. Here are the reasons that investors should apply Solar solutions in the industrial sector:
●    Using rooftop solar power helps save maximum electricity costs. Based on the principle of absorbing sunlight and creating a source of clean energy, rooftop solar power is considered an inexhaustible, free energy source that helps minimize electricity costs to operate machinery and equipment in industrial zones and factories.
●    Rooftop solar power construction is an effective heat-resistant method because when the panels absorb sunlight to create energy, the bottom of the building is always cool and not affected by heat from the sun.
●    Solar power is one of the cleanest energy sources in the world. In the process of producing electricity, no harmful substances or noise pollution are generated. Therefore, applying rooftop solar power solutions into projects will help protect the environment.
●    A one-time investment in solar power brings benefits up to 30 years because the system usually has a lifespan of about 30 years, bringing long-term efficiency in terms of economy and environment.

Rooftop solar power solutions are widely applied in the industrial sector

Why should you choose the rooftop solar power solution implemented by Dien Quang?

Rooftop solar power solutions are being encouraged by the Government to develop on a large scale, especially in the industrial sector. However, to ensure the best efficiency that rooftop solar power brings, investors need to choose quality products with a reputable Solar solution supplier and contractor. Here are the reasons that investors should choose Dien Quang as the construction unit, deploying Solar solutions - Rooftop solar power for factories and industrial zones:
●    Dien Quang is a leading corporation in lighting solutions, electrical equipment, electromechanical design and construction. Dien Quang's rooftop solar power solution is not only widely applied to the industrial sector, but also popular in projects and works in the fields of Hospitality, education, healthcare, etc.
●    Dien Quang owns a team of experienced personnel in the construction of many domestic and foreign projects (Venezuela, Myanmar, etc.).
●    Dien Quang affirms its role as both EPC general contractor and comprehensive equipment supplier. Dien Quang is committed to responsibility for customers. The development of solar energy systems is an important part of the sustainable development orientation of Vietnam and the world.
●    Dien Quang uses Q cells (Korea) and Inverter of SMA (Germany) - which are high quality batteries, suitable for systems with a lifespan of over 20 years.
●    Dien Quang has successfully put rooftop solar power solutions into typical projects such as: Phong Phu Corporation, Nguyen Vu Joint Stock Company, Rang Dong Plastic Company, Kizuna Joint Stock Company.
●    Dien Quang produces electricity using solar energy with the role of “design and construction consultant; investment in power generation system”.

Dien Quang has completed the construction of a rooftop solar power solution at Rang Dong Plastic Company 

Process Dien Quang provides and constructs rooftop solar power solutions for the industrial sector

More than anyone else, Dien Quang understands the needs of investors in solving energy and environmental problems when operating industrial zones and factories. Therefore, Dien Quang has constantly made efforts to research to be able to fully exploit the natural source of solar energy. That is also the reason that Dien Quang increasingly asserts its position in the hearts of customers.
Below is the process of supplying and constructing rooftop solar power by Dien Quang, we would like you to refer:

Step 1: Customer consultation

Each project of a factory, industrial zone, workshop, etc. will have a different rooftop solar power construction. Therefore, Dien Quang will work with customers to choose the most suitable solution based on 3 criteria: safety, suitability for needs and optimal financial savings.

Step 2: Survey and analyze actual projects

In order to avoid errors, Dien Quang's staff will directly survey and inspect the project the customer intends to construct rooftop solar power. Through the collected data, Dien Quang will research, calculate and design the most perfect plan to send to customers for reference.

Step 3: Construction and installation of rooftop solar power

Dien Quang will urgently install rooftop solar power if the customer agrees with the plan proposed by Dien Quang in the above step. The human resources team will implement each part of the project. The whole construction process will be carried out on schedule and placed under strict supervision to ensure quality.

Step 4: Check, warrant, maintain when there is a problem

When entering the operation phase, Dien Quang will accompany the investor to transfer technology and provide detailed instructions on how to operate. If there is any problem, Dien Quang will carry out maintenance and customer support 24/7.
It can be seen that rooftop solar power solutions bring perfect solutions to help reduce electricity costs, reduce CO2 emissions, ensure energy security, and aim for green and sustainable growth. If you are interested in bringing Solar solutions to projects and works in the industrial sector, please contact Dien Quang for support.