Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

Dien Quang's holistic solution for hospitality and industry

Dien Quang's holistic solutions honorably present clients and interested parties via three events were held in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang on December 21 

1) In Ho Chi Minh City, "Digital Transformation of Hospitality" seminar on Rex Hotel 

The administration and execution of projects in the tourism sector are increasingly dependent on digital transformation. The use of smart lighting solutions in this industry will assist companies in developing their own competitive advantages and enhancing customer service.

Numerous clients working in the restaurant, hotel, and resort industries have participated in the seminar "Digital Transformation of Hospitality". Dien Quang attended the seminar and gave two detailed and beneficial presentations on Lighting Solutions and Smart Solutions for Hospitality. Additionally, customers can view and interact directly holistic solutions at Dien Quang's display area.

2) The second workshop focused on "Digital transformation in management and manufacturing for corporate"

The seminar "Digital transformation in management and manufacturing for corporate" took place in Da Nang Hi-Tech Park in the afternoon of the same day. The event create an ecosystem, connect the business community to support the application of digital transformation in enterprises to improve efficiency in management and production of enterprises. Customers can physically experience Dien Quang's smart and lighting solutions in the exhibition area.

3) Tan Son Nhat Golf Course celebrates SACA Golf Club's first anniversary.

Tan Son Nhat Golf Course welcomed visitors to a stand showcasing Dien Quang products and solutions on the occasion of the SACA Golf Club's first anniversary. Numerous people have come to the event to check it out and try the solutions


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