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Solar Solution

Solar Solutions - Rooftop solar power is a typical solution in 8 holistic solution of Dien Quang in Education sector. For schools and educational institutions, this is not only a solution to save electricity, but also help raise students’ awareness of the issue of using clean energy and protecting the environment. 

Solar Solutions for Schools

The great benefits of the Solar solutions in schools

Currently, in general, the trend of renewable energy development of the country, a lot of schools have also installed and used rooftop solar power system. Here are the most obvious benefits of this solution for schools and educational institutions.

Saving the cost of using electricity for schools

The monthly cost of electricity is not only a burden for every family as well as schools. Over-funding will make it difficult to balance the financial resources of other parts of the school. Therefore, the Solar solutions will share this burden for schools, reducing the cost of monthly electricity use from about 40 to 60% compared to normal electricity use.

Raising students’ awareness of renewable energy

Rooftop solar power is an intuitive and modern model of renewable energy. With the application of this solution at the school, students will have the opportunity to experience and observe the reality. This is also a very effective tool for students to learn the operating principle and clear benefits of Solar solutions. Teachers and students can rely on this solution to practice calculating usage time by load capacity.

The application of Solar solutions in schools also helps to initiate innovative ideas, unique scientific research topics of students on green energy and environmental protection solutions. It’s a way of spreading to the younger generation the significance and importance of applying clean energy.

Protecting the environment, increasing the life of school facilities

The situation shows that the use of electricity from other resources such as oil, coal, hydropower, gas, etc. is increasingly causing the environment to be affected. With the rooftop solar power solution, each 1 kWh of solar power will help to cut about 0.886 kg/CO2, while each 1 kWh of coal discharged into the air accounts for about 980g of CO2. Therefore, Solar solution is a solution that contributes to protecting the environment, limiting negative effects on the atmosphere and human health.

In addition, the school installs solar power systems to help prevent roof heating. Because the heat of the sun will be absorbed by the solar panels and generate electricity. Therefore, school buildings increase life expectancy.

Cost savings thanks to Solar solutions for schools

Dien Quang’s strengths when implementing Solar solutions in schools

Dien Quang is the predecessor of the company providing electrical equipment, implementing the services of design, construction of electromechanical. With this strength, Dien Quang is fully proactive in researching, producing and implementing Solar solutions at schools.

In addition, Dien Quang possesses good professional staff, with many years of experience in the construction of rooftop solar power works in many fields: industry, health care, hospitality, etc. we are confident when deploying at the scale of schools, professional training institutions.

With the goal of providing an economical, smart, safe and friendly educational environment, Dien Quang always strives to research and produce the highest quality and longevity products. 

●    Dien Quang provides services through a professional process. It is this process that saves time and costs for all works. Thanks to the scientific process, all stages in the project implementation are strictly controlled, bringing optimal management efficiency for both Dien Quang and customers.
●    Dien Quang is confident to deploy Solar solutions because all products manufactured and supplied by Dien Quang confirm their quality and longevity in the market. Dien Quang rooftop solar power system using Q cells (Korea) and Inverter of SMA (Germany), which are high quality, suitable for systems with a life of more than 20 years. 

Students have increased awareness of clean energy

What are the benefits for schools when using Dien Quang’s Solar solutions?

In addition to the benefits that Solar solutions generally bring to schools, when using Dien Quang solutions, schools will receive the following added value:
●    Dien Quang has a team of expert consultants who will give detailed advice to schools to choose the most appropriate and economical solution.
●    The staff of Dien Quang will conduct field surveys at the sites, analyze the area, roof inclination angle, lighting conditions to be able to offer the most practical and effective solutions
●    The process of solar power construction of Dien Quang is implemented according to the professional process, strictly controlled at all stages, ensuring the progress and quality of the works as agreed with the schools.
●    Dien Quang provides warranty, maintenance and prestigious technical support to ensure the satisfaction of all customers
●    With the goal of financial support for schools, Dien Quang always has the most competitive price.

It can be confirmed that the application of solar power systems and schools is absolutely essential. Not only does it have cost implications, it also helps spread and raise the awareness of the younger generation about the role of clean energy. That is an important premise for Vietnam to have future researchers in renewable energy.