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What advantages does Dien Quang intelligently controlled Solar street light possess?

With the ability to save costs, effective and safe lighting, intelligently controlled Solar street lights are a widely applied solution. Thanks to the principle of automatic operation, this is a smart product that not only brings benefits to each project but also creates common benefits for the whole social economy. Let's explore in detail the benefits of this product line from Dien Quang brand.

How does Solar street light work?

Working principle of Dien Quang Solar street lights

Solar street lights are lighting devices powered by electricity obtained from solar energy. This device has attached panels to absorb sunlight and convert sunlight into 220V electricity. This product is installed outdoors in many common projects and locations such as:
●    Illuminate the courtyards and gates of the villas
●    Illuminate parks, amusement parks in condominiums
●    Illuminate the outdoor sports area
●    Illuminate highways, roads

The operation principle of this device is that during the day, when it is bright, the Solar street lights will automatically turn off. This is when the solar panels will absorb solar energy and fully charge the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the controller will automatically stop charging. At night, the lights will automatically light up thanks to the conversion of energy from the battery to supply the LED lights. 

Thus, this type of lights use 100% energy from sunlight for lighting, without cumbersome wiring, without being turned on / off manually, but is fully automatic.

What are the basic components of Solar street lights?

Researched, designed and manufactured using modern technological lines, Dien Quang Solar street lights are absolutely trusted by investors. The basic structure of this product includes the following parts:
●    Solar panel: This part is called a photovoltaic battery, which uses sunlight to convert it into electricity, and illuminate the lights at night.
●    LED: This type of light has the advantage of being brighter than compact fluorescent or incandescent lights, with low energy consumption.
●    Backup battery: This is a part with the function of storing electricity collected by solar panel during the day to provide electricity at night.
●    Controller: This is the part to control the rechargeable battery. One Solar street light controller including MCU, charger, secondary power supply
●    Connecting cable: This is the part that connects LED lights, solar panels. 

Solar street lights are being widely applied in many projects

Advantages of Dien Quang solar lights

The reason that constructions in Vietnam all believe in using Dien Quang intelligently controlled Solar street lights is because this product possesses the following outstanding advantages:
●    Cost saving: This is the most typical advantage of Dien Quang Solar street lights. With the ability to convert solar energy into electricity, this device helps investors save a lot of monthly electricity costs. Moreover, when installing this type of lights, the cost of electrical wire is reduced, and the maintenance cost is also completely lower than that of conventional lights.
●    Environmentally friendly: Solar street lights help reduce toxic gas emissions into the environment and help reduce environmental pollution
●    High safety: The light emitted from Dien Quang Solar lights is soft light which does not hurt glare. Moreover, this type of light does not use electrical wiring and power, so there is no unsafe situation for fire, electric shock. Therefore, this type of light can be installed anywhere in parks, parking lots, sidewalks, trails... Children playing under Solar street lights do not have to worry about electric shock.
●    A product with high durability: Dien Quang applies modern production technology and high quality input materials, so the finished product has a very long life. All parts are made from materials with high oxidation resistance, heat resistance, good impact resistance, and can withstand harsh environments. Therefore, the use time increases, save the cost of replacement, repair and maintenance for the investors. 
●    Dien Quang Solar street light is a product that is easy to install, maintain and upkeep
●    This is a intelligently controlled light product that integrates modern functions such as automatically turning on and off, automatically adjusting light, sensing features... Therefore, thanks to this device, the projects increase professionalism, increasing the aesthetics of the whole campus.

It can be seen that Dien Quang intelligently controlled Solar street lights are a testament to Dien Quang's orientation in replicating Solar solutions on all scales and scopes. With this product, Dien Quang further affirms its goal in creating safe, aesthetic and environmentally friendly lighting devices. If your project is in need of solar street lights, please contact Dien Quang immediately for advice and supply.