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Solar solution is one of Dien Quang's series of holistic solutions. With this solution, Dien Quang has brought clean energy - rooftop solar power closer to users. Customers can be individuals, production and business organizations that need to use electricity. Let's explore the strengths of Dien Quang when deploying this solution in the article below.

Benefits of rooftop solar power

Solar power is a clean energy source. In Vietnam, this is an area that is being prioritized for development, with many open policies. Compared with other energy sources, rooftop solar power offers many typical benefits including:
●    Producing large currents to effectively serve production and business needs: When installing solar panels on the roof, the solar light energy will be converted into direct current up to thousands of VDC. Then, all of this current will be converted into alternating current with the same indicators as conventional mains power. Thanks to that, production and business establishments will have a stable power source to use, which saves a lot of costs. 
●    Anti-heat, roof protection: In addition to the main benefit of producing electricity, rooftop solar power is a very effective anti-heat solution, helping protect the roof. Because the solar panels will absorb all the heat of the sun and retain the heat at the top surface of the panel. Thereby, the rooftop will be cooled and increase its lifespan.
●    Environmental protection: Deforestation, river blocking, construction of hydropower plants are negatively affecting the environment. Using solar energy is a solution that does not generate CO2 or any other toxic waste into the environment. The process of exploiting this energy source also does not cause noise or water pollution. This is a clean energy source, contributing to environmental protection

Rooftop solar power saves costs and protects the environment

Strengths in industry background

Dien Quang is a company specializing in lighting solutions, electrical equipment, electromechanical design and construction. Right from the beginning of operation, Dien Quang has always been steadfast in its specialized profession. Moreover, Dien Quang constantly invests and researches to develop comprehensive smart lighting solutions, providing both civil and industrial applications. 

It is the above platform that helps Dien Quang confidently deploy Solar solutions - rooftop solar power. Dien Quang's goal is to create and construct products that bring safety, comfort and aesthetics to projects. For Solar solutions, Dien Quang aims at providing renewable energy sources, saving electricity costs for individuals, production and business organizations. Moreover, with this solution, Dien Quang also fulfills the mission of contributing to environmental protection.

The Dien Quang high-tech factory is fully equipped with modern and automated equipment lines. In addition, solar solutions are deployed with specialized technology blocks to create professionalism and technological breakthroughs. This specialization also helps the administration and quality management of products, services and construction processes more effectively. 

For this solution, Dien Quang aims at becoming the leading enterprise in the renewable energy market in Vietnam. In which, it is typical that the field of construction of high-quality rooftop solar power systems for all projects. The goal that Solar solution is aiming at is Smart - Saving - Environmentally friendly technology.

Dien Quang possesses enough strengths to deploy Solar solutions

Experienced and skilled personnel

Dien Quang is the convergence of experienced staff in the construction of rooftop solar power projects at home and abroad (Venezuela, Myanmar...). The team of engineers working at Dien Quang is all graduated from prestigious universities, equipped with full knowledge of electricity and electrical construction. In particular, the team of engineers is always autonomous in research and development. Human resources are encouraged to be creative to come up with the most effective ideas, products, and processes.

Dien Quang's personnel are well-trained and experienced through many projects. These are all creative experts and engineers. Particularly, the consulting staff have in-depth knowledge of the product, ensuring sufficient and correct advice to meet the needs of customers. This factor also helps customers save maximum costs during the selection and construction of solar power projects.

In addition, Dien Quang's design staff is very professional, accompanying customers on all solar power projects. The meticulous design stage ensures that the project is scientifically constructed, achieving the highest aesthetics while ensuring quality and optimal use.

Acting as both EPC general contractor and high quality equipment supplier

Dien Quang affirms its role as both EPC general contractor and comprehensive equipment supplier. Dien Quang's capacity is demonstrated through a series of successful domestic and foreign projects. Realizing that the development of solar energy systems is an important part of the sustainable development orientation of Vietnam and the world, Dien Quang is committed to always meet the maximum needs of customers.

Dien Quang's customers include individuals, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and factories with 100% foreign capital. Dien Quang's rooftop solar power project warranty policy is always reputable from the smallest details of the system, for both civil and industrial works.

Dien Quang provides services and products to customers through scientific and professional processes. As a result, it saves costs, construction time, avoids arisings and errors during the implementation of solar power projects. Every step in the service delivery process is strictly controlled, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

Solar solutions of Dien Quang are trusted by many projects

Product lifespan up to more than 20 years

Dien Quang's rooftop solar power projects use high quality Q cells (Korea) and inverter of SMA (Germany), suitable for systems with a lifespan of over 20 years. Solar battery products are all manufactured according to the latest technology, the highest panel efficiency, maximum cost savings for customers.

The products in Dien Quang's Solar solutions are guaranteed to have the highest quality and lifespan. In addition, Dien Quang pays special attention to the cost saving and environmental protection features of each equipment and each project. Therefore, Dien Quang Solar solution is the perfect solution, giving customers a quality service experience about clean energy.

With all the dedication and efforts in research, Dien Quang has been bringing Solar solutions with large-scale and quality rooftop solar power projects. Dien Quang confidently always stands with customers to focus on creating long-term and sustainable benefits for partners and customers. The difference that Dien Quang brings is that this solution is not only professional but also ensures comfort, savings and environmental protection.