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Smart Factory

Smart factory construction is an indispensable trend in the current era. In the face of this trend, factories in Vietnam not only need to prepare in terms of human resources but also need to equip and apply Smart Factory solutions. In order to meet the increasing demand of factories, Dien Quang also brings to the market a smart solution with extremely outstanding features.

Smart Factory is an indispensable trend in the age of 4.0 technology

The 4th Industrial Revolution has been strong in all sectors, including manufacturing. To improve the competitive position, the construction of smart factories is an inevitable trend. The convergence from the power of artificial intelligence, automation, the transformation of the staff is the premise of the Smart Factory. 

There is not a precise definition of smart factory, however, the most basic understanding of this phrase is as follows: Smart Factory is an environment where machines and production and operation equipment operate under a maximum automation process. At smart factories, people and machines can connect to each other via the internet, production operations are carried out using automation machines, the role of people is mainly to control rather than directly participate in the production process.

The smart factory model is the achievement of technological power, artificial intelligence. It is the technological breakthroughs that have changed the production process, the factory management process to be smarter, more efficient. The introduction of smart factories through the application of Smart Factory solutions is an inevitable trend, which makes the production process safe, save management costs, personnel costs, improve production productivity and competitiveness for enterprises.

Smart factory trends are inevitable trends

Advantages of the Dien Quang Smart Factory solution

Dien Quang’s Smart Factory solution provides factories with the highest quality, smartest equipment. Specifically include:
●    Cameras monitor the warehouse area, restricted access area and the entire production area, office area. The peculiarity is that all the data collected through the Camera sends alerts over the phone, so that the professional manager can grasp the whole scene. 
●    The device monitors temperature, humidity, smoke, water indicators in the factory area, warehouse area to warn via phone. 

The smart factory solution of Dien Quang brings the following great benefits to factories and enterprises:
●    This is a solution to ensure the safety of factories and enterprises, avoid the risks of fire and explosion in warehouses, damp mould in warehouses, avoid the phenomenon of theft of goods and equipment at factories. Ensure the absolute security of the plants.
●    With this solution, factories save salary costs for supervision and guard personnel. Locations with surveillance cameras will not require security involvement.
●    This solution helps to ensure the health and safety of workers, because the device will replace workers in dangerous and hazardous work positions.
●    Dien Quang’s Smart Factory solution makes operation management more convenient, fast and efficient.

What are the advantages of Dien Quang Smart Factory solution?

Why did Dien Quang successfully implement the Smart Factory solution?

Dien Quang has enough strengths and elements to successfully implement Smart Factory solutions, including:
●    Dien Quang has a clear orientation and detailed strategy for the smart factory solution. From the creation of the product to the consulting step, installation for customers, all comply with a standard, professional process, controlled quality and strict progress.
●    Dien Quang is constantly researching and updating the most advanced technologies in production, to create leading-edge smart solutions applied to factories and enterprises.
●    Dien Quang owns a team of qualified personnel, trained and continuously updated with new skills and technology knowledge. The shift towards 4.0 technology is inevitable in Dien Quang environment
●    Each production sector has its own characteristics and specific needs for tracking equipment. Understanding that, Dien Quang always surveyed and studied in practice to create the most optimal solution for each factory and enterprise.
Above is all the information about the Smart Factory solution of Dien Quang. With the direction of leading in technology, Dien Quang is confident that it will best support factories and enterprises in this powerful transformation. For detailed advice on this solution, please contact Dien Quang for information.