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Smart basement

In the Medical sector, it is not easy to find a solution to build a parking basement that is both energy-efficient and user-friendly. The Smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang will solve this problem with a parking space in the hospital and clinic that is both flexible and optimal, but also can manage the vehicle system effectively.

Status of traditional parking lots in hospitals and clinics

Traditional parking lots in the hospital

At the hospital, the number of people entering and leaving vehicles with a very high density so the traditional parking lots are no longer able to meet the demand. As a result, traffic congestion is caused by too long sending and receiving time. It’s a fact that not every hospital is building a smart basement system right now, and manual management is taking a lot of time.
The driver will often struggle to find the vacant position or the exact position, thereby causing congestion and loss of time for others. The process of successfully parking to pick up is also a very difficult issue, probably because you can't remember the exact location of the car. When it comes to the urgency you have to deal with a situation like this, it’s a huge inhibition.

Since the whole work is done manually to meet the number of vehicles parked daily, it is necessary to require a very large number of service staff to manage the recording, taking care, arranging seats, reminding, etc.

These are some of the conditions that hospital and clinic parking lots are experiencing that cause managers and users to be very concerned and have headaches. So what is the optimal solution to solve all these shortcomings? The answer will be available shortly!

Smart Parking Basement Solution of Dien Quang in the Medical sector

Smart Parking Basement Solution of Dien Quang is created to improve the quality of service for Healthcare

After many research efforts, Dien Quang has launched smart parking solutions in the Medical sector with many useful functions to improve the service quality of hospitals, clinics, etc, to meet the needs of users.

If the lighting option in the conventional parking basements can only perform one of the two tasks of turning on or off, the smart parking basements equipped with a lighting system are capable of changing the brightness. Along with this, modern wireless connectivity technology combined with motion sensors will help you dynamically change the intensity of your light depending on the appearance of the motion, thereby saving more electrical energy. The solution is to set up motion detection zones in long-distance locations to activate multiple modes with a variety of lighting capacities to help ensure the safety of a large covered parking basement for the Medical sector.

Dien Quang solution allows setting of motion detection zone in long distance positions for self-regulation of light intensity. When detecting the movement, the light will turn on 100% automatically and conversely, the light will reduce the brightness from 10 to 20% to use electrical energy effectively, suitable for deployment in the health sector spaces.
Dien Quang’s fully automated and wireless vacancy reporting system utilizes parking location sensing technology, thereby providing accurate notification at all times of the number of vacancies and vacant locations in each specific basement area. This solution makes it as easy as possible for drivers to find a parking location as quickly and accurately as possible. Managers can also effectively use each space to ensure maximum efficiency of parking resources, easily handling arising issues quickly and efficiently.

Some of the benefits offered by Smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang for Healthcare

In order to meet the growing demand for sending cars by users in the Medical sector, the Smart parking basement solution is an inevitable choice. Especially when using the solution of Dien Quang, the industry will get many optimal benefits.
●    Save up to 80% on electricity consumption.
●     Always ensure adequate illumination when moving in the area equipped with the system.
●     Large network of controls, allowing control of up to more than 32,000 devices.
●     Control any area without changing the electrical network structure.
●     When motion is detected, the light system is immediately activated.


Smart Parking Basement for Power Saving

The article has just introduced some information about the Smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang suitable for the needs in the Medical sector. If you find that this is a modern solution suitable for your requirements and wishes or you have any questions, please contact us directly via hotline: 19001257 for more detailed solution advice and to support construction and installation as quickly as possible!