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Smart Basement

How to save energy optimally in the basement area while still managing the vehicle system effectively is what many investors are interested in today. With the ideal smart basement ssolution in Dien Quang, you will easily own a flexible and comfortable parking space in the building while still saving costs. Learn about this ideal solution for modern real estate projects below.

Smart basement is a convenient solution for modern life

Smart basement solution with outstanding technology in Dien Quang

Have you ever wanted to own a sensitive basement that can detect the change of motion and change the light intensity accordingly ? the smart basement solution in Dien Quang is the ideal choice for you.

Our solution uses a wireless connection technology that combines a motion sensor and a light with the ability to change light intensity. With the sensitivity of the motion sensor, any fast or slow movement of vehicles entering the smart basement will be detected and converted into an activity of adjusting the light intensity accordingly.

Specifically, when there is movement, the light will automatically turn on 100% to support vehicles and people moving in the basement. On the contrary, when there is no movement, the light will reduce the brightness by 10 to 20%. Thanks to this, the smart basement can effectively save costs on lighting operations.

In particular, all activities of this smart solution are easy to use in combination with other smart solutions such as instructions to find a parking space or recall the parking location when forgotten in a smart application of the Dien Quang. From there, users will experience the most comfortable life in the area they live in.

Smart basement will help save electricity effectively

Great benefits that Dien Quang's smart basement solution brings

A modern project in any developing city wants an ever-enhanced user experience with the following benefits that the smart basement solution in Dien Quang brings.

●    Smart solutions help your home or business save up to 80% of electricity consumption.
●    Thanks to the sensitive sensor system, Dien Quang's smart basement always ensures enough light when people or vehicles move in the area equipped with the system, ensuring optimal comfort.
●    Dien Quang's control network allows control of up to 32,000 devices. This helps large scale projects, large parking area or projects having many parking lots solve its needs.
●    The control system can operate in any area without changing the electrical network structure. This makes Dien Quang's solution more suitable and flexible for all types of projects built according to different structures.
●    Control lights quickly, immediately when there is movement.

Scenario of using Dien Quang's solution in smart basement

In order for Dien Quang's smart basement to operate effectively, all relevant systems need to be operated according to a professional scenario. Following is the scenario of using our smart basement solution:

Urgent warning

This is a useful scenario for those dangerous times when something goes wrong at the projects. Through the lock or water sensors, the scenario will be triggered automatically when a malfunction is detected. At this point, you will receive a notification sent to the software with corresponding speaker or light signals.


With a security scenario, you will feel a more comfortable life with maximum safety guaranteed. This scenario is pre-installed, when there is abnormal activity, the scenario will be activated through the door sensor, motion sensor. Accordingly, users will also receive notifications via the software, the speaker / light devices are also activated.


In modern lighting, turning the lights off or on becomes more sensitive and automatic. When there is an activity of door opening with movement of people or vehicles, the scenario will activate the light to open. On the contrary, the light off scenario will be activated when the door is closed and there is no movement for the set period of time.

AI Camera

AI cameras are intelligently stored at home, or they can be stored in the cloud. Therefore, the system has optimal safety and stability, making it easy for homeowners to access. This camera system can detect abnormal intrusions in predetermined areas from which to issue warnings. The system also recognizes faces. Thanks to this smart feature, homeowners can manage who comes in and out, bringing peace of mind to homeowners.

Above is information about smart gararge solution in Dien Quang. If you find this is the solution for the smart basement that you or your business wants, contact Dien Quang immediately for advice and installation quickly.