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Streetlight solutions using Nb-IoT technology of Viettel in the Industrial sector

To help managers ensure the safety of users during travel while meeting the need to save power. Dien Quang has researched and launched a streetlight solution using NB-IoT technology of Viettel in the Industrial sector. The implementation of smart solutions is increasingly being applied in the industry. Let’s look into the details of this solution of Dien Quang to see if there is anything outstanding.

What is NB-IoT technology of Viettel?

Viettel launched Nb-IoT technology.

Nb-IoT (NarrowBand – IoT) is a narrowband IoT technology standardized by 3GPP. This is an M2M (Machine to Machine) communication solution launched by Viettel to achieve an improvement in indoor coverage. Using this technology reduces costs and consumes less energy, supporting lagged features.

Nb-IoT technology has the ability to disconnect the device when it is not operating. Therefore, the device does not need to change the battery but still operates for 5 to 10 years.
Nb-IoT has excellent coverage, supports a large number of connections, saves costs, consumes little power with an optimized network architecture. Due to the ability to effectively connect large groups of devices, while minimizing power consumption and increasing coverage in locations that conventional mobile technologies cannot reach.

NB-IoT Technology Characteristics of Viettel

Smart Nb-IoT technology of Viettel with many useful features 

High energy efficiency

The Nb-IoT technology, combined with energy-saving technologies such as PSM and eDRX, can meet the need for a battery life of at least 10 years. 
PSM – Power Saving Mode: sleep mode for up to 12 days but stay connected.
eDRX – expanded Discontinued Reception: Extend the cycle in sleep idle mode for up to 40 minutes. It allows the device to switch off part of the circuit to save energy.

Coverage – Deployment Techniques

In LPWAN technology, the NB-IoT of the Viettel focuses on the M2M device layer with a coverage of not less than 23 dB. The deployment of this technology needs to depend on 4G/LTE base stations. Therefore NB-IoT is not suitable for 4G/LTE restricted areas.

Deployment mode in Nb-IoT

Stand alone: Use an external band that is not the band used for LTE.
Guard band: Use spectrum at LTE carrier protection band.
In band: Use a conventional LTE carrier.


Nb-IoT is developed from mobile networks, so this technology of Viettel inherits the inherently strict security of mobile communication networks.

The purpose of Nb-IoT technology is to serve low throughput IoT applications to support the connection of millions of M2M devices and applications. This connection is characterized by low throughput, infrequent data transmission. Nb-IoT can operate in conjunction with GSM and LTE networks below the frequency range to be registered.

Dien Quang gave rise to streetlight solutions using Nb-IoT technology of Viettel in the Industrial sector

This is a smart streetlight solution with Vietnamese technology researched and developed by Dien Quang Company. Streetlights using Nb-IoT technology are designed to save energy, including new type of lighting bulbs such as Led lights, light pole-mounted sensor controllers, signal transmitting and receiving components, and central control systems.

Dien Quang smart streetlight solution for optimal efficiency in the Industrial sector 

These units are connected via a wireless/wired network allowing bidirectional transmission and reception of signals for control and monitoring functions. The solution integrates a complete control system from the computer via the internet, from which it is possible to create automatic schedules, change the light modes easily, etc.

The solution helps to adjust the use of light bulbs depending on the needs and traffic of people in the industrial area; it can turn on, off, adjust the brightness according to time, density of people and vehicles through the sensor.

Streetlight solutions using Nb-IoT technology of Viettel help to save 30 - 70% of electricity used; optimize 80% of maintenance costs; save operating costs (completely reduce operating labor). Quickly detect problems and signal to the center to promptly fix and repair.

Streetlights using Nb-IoT technology  help to statistically measure device operating time, predict broken lights, analyze energy consumption. At the same time, the solution can also extend the life of the bulb due to reduced power and lighting time.

The streetlight solutions using Nb-IoT technology implemented by Dien Quang in the future will certainly be the pride of Vietnamese technology with international quality, with the potential to develop in the world.

With the above information, you must have better understood the Dien Quang streetlight solutions using Nb-IoT technology. Join Dien Quang to seize the opportunity to apply smart lighting solutions today to increase the professionalism of industrial works. For information and advice, please contact via Hotline: 19001257 for a more detailed understanding.