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Smart Basement Solution

Finding a solution to build a parking basement in Education sector that saves energy and creates satisfaction and comfort for users is a dilemma. Smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang will be the key to solve this problem by building a parking space in schools with optimal efficiency.

Smart Parking Basement in Education sector

The number of vehicles in the schools is huge, students repeatedly go to school, so controlling a parking basement with thousands of students’ vehicles is not a simple thing. This is why many schools have now adopted a smart parking basement system to support car keeping, ensure the security of the school and the benefits for students and teachers in the school.

A smart parking basement is a system consisting of many interconnected parts and sections that form a whole that provides the best efficiency. A smart parking basement includes basic equipment such as smart lighting system, support system for finding space in the yard, surveillance cameras, etc. All are meticulously made and well-invested. A smart parking basement system that can manage a variety of lanes makes it faster to park.  With smart parking basements, schools will minimize vehicle access time, limit congestion, and collect parking fees more quickly. 

Ensure safety and save power in Education sector with the smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang

With the continuous development of modern technology, the application of smart technology solutions to solve problems in life is the choice of the management to bring comfortable, safe and economical life. After many years of researching and understanding the needs of customers, Dien Quang – an expert in the field of lighting - has created a smart lighting solution for parking basements in Education sector.

Smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang is both safe and power efficient

If the conventional lighting option can only perform one of the two tasks: on or off, with this solution the user can dynamically change the intensity of the light depending on the presence of motion or not, thereby making more energy efficient. Use wireless connectivity technology that incorporates motion sensors and lights with capability of changing brightness.

With the need to maintain 24/24 lighting in the parking basement areas in the school, the use of the Smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang will help users save significantly on electricity costs. If there is a lot of natural light in the room or when there is no vehicle or pedestrian traffic, the light will automatically adjust and reduce the brightness to 10 - 20%.

When there is movement within the lighting range through the sensors connected to the light, it will automatically adjust to illuminate 100% of the power to ensure proper lighting for the user. As a result, the parking basement is always illuminated according to the standards but saves excess electricity.

When this smart lighting system is installed in the parking basement, the areas that have been wirelessly covered can be easily expanded to other smart solutions such as finding parking spaces or assisting in finding vehicles in the parking basement developed by Dien Quang.

The benefits of Smart parking basement solution of Dien Quang in Education sector

Dien Quang’s solution is to build a smart parking basement in the Schools in a modern, safe and economical way.

 Smart Parking Basement - The solution that helps you minimize your operating costs

Maximum power savings, minimizing operating costs

Smart lighting solutions contribute to solving the inadequacies of both maintaining lighting 24 hours a day and optimizing the amount of electricity to save about 80% of electricity consumption. This solution can also be applied to both new and old basements by simply replacing the lights and installing additional sensors without changing the electrical network structure.

Smart control system ensures power in terms of lighting

The control network of the Dien Quang Smart Parking Basement allows to control up to more than 32,000 devices suitable for the school space, always receiving a large amount of vehicles every day. The solution can quickly detect the movement and control the light immediately, therefore sufficient brightness is always guaranteed when there are users such as: students, teachers moving in the area equipped with the system.

These are the benefits, which help smart parking basement solutions of Dien Quang are increasingly popular and widely applied. Put it into practice to gradually replace the previous traditional parking basement models.

Smart parking solutions in Education sector are included in the set of smart parking solutions of Dien Quang, which is being applied by many workshops, factories and works. This is the result of the constant, persistent and creative efforts of the entire staff and the Board of Directors of Dien Quang to bring customers a comfortable and modern life.

Hopefully, through the above article, you will better understand the superior characteristics and benefits of Smart Parking Basement solution of Dien Quang in Education sector. If you still have problems around this solution, please contact us immediately for advice and support to install as quickly as possible.