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Lighting solution for rooms and villas

When renting a resort room, customers always want to have a relaxing and comfortable space. The application of room-for-rent and villa-for-rent lighting solutions is something that every investor should do. Let's learn more about this smart lighting solution of Dien Quang in the article below.

Control the lighting system with a touch of a button

Basic requirements for room-for-rent lighting

For hotels and villas for rent, lighting is an extremely important factor. Good lighting solutions will help enhance the elegance and create a highlight for the accommodation space. Room-for-rent lighting should ensure the installation of equipment with high-quality, high-efficiency light sources that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Accommodation spaces need local lighting solutions that are harmoniously combined with extended lighting to adorn the space. In particular, smart lighting solutions should be applied to bring to the rooms and villas for rent ideal comfort. Below are the lighting standards for rooms and villas for rent:

●    Vietnam Standard 7114:2008: Lighting of the working area.
●    National technical regulation: QCVN 09:2013/BXD: energy efficient construction works.
●    National technical regulation QCVN 09:2013/BXD: Constructions use energy efficiently. Meets this standard for used wattage density and efficient use of energy.
●    Require safe - economical - environmentally friendly lighting equipment. Luxurious lighting equipment suitable for the aesthetic as well as the interior of the room or villa for rent
●    Lighting space must ensure lighting quality criteria such as ensuring uniformity in space, limiting glare. 

Villa-for-rent smart lighting solution

What is special about Dien Quang's Room-for-rent lighting system?

If buildings and villas for rent apply Dien Quang's smart lighting solutions, here are the values that investors and staying guests will receive:

●    Staying guests will be in an ideal comfortable space. The lighting system according to the preset scenario should bring a great experience to customers. With a touch of a button, customers can control the entire lighting system to their liking. Some pre-programmed scenarios such as: Welcome room lighting scenario (Lights automatically turn on necessary positions), relaxing lighting scenarios (Bathroom lights automatically turn on, party area lights automatically turn on , light system that changes color when there is a festival, party, etc.), goodnight scenario (The light will automatically adjust the intensity of the light, reduce it slightly, the night light will automatically turn on, the light will automatically turn off, etc.)
●    With Dien Quang's room-for-rent lighting solution, the lighting system will be able to integrate products from many different suppliers on the same platform. As a result, the investor is not dependent on any one supplier. At the same time, investors have the opportunity to use a variety of products from different technology firms.
●    All equipment and technologies in Dien Quang's smart lighting solutions are high-end products, ensuring the longest life. As a result, the investor will save on replacement and repair costs during use. This also helps the tenants not to be bothered by the interrupted repair time, etc.

Smart lighting brings a great experience to staying guests

Why should you apply Dien Quang's room-for-rent lighting solution?

The reason many projects and villas for rent across the country believe in using Dien Quang lighting system because of the brand reputation that makes the quality of the works. Dien Quang has a business background as a company specializing in lighting solutions, providing high-end electrical equipment. Moreover, Dien Quang is also a general contractor for mechanical design and construction for a series of large projects. Therefore, Dien Quang's room-for-rent lighting solution always brings absolute peace of mind to customers.

Dien Quang always takes the end user as the focus towards. Therefore, the room-for-rent lighting solution always ensures friendliness, safety, and comfort for staying guests . The light in the room ensures to meet the maximum needs of users when working, resting and relaxing, suitable for each specific space. 
For investors, Dien Quang always aims at saving costs but still ensure the quality of the lighting system. All equipments used meet power saving standards and apply advanced technology. In addition, the aesthetics and harmony between light and interior space are also carefully taken care of by Dien Quang. 

With the above information, you must have a better understanding of Dien Quang's room-for-rent lighting solution, right? Let's join Dien Quang to seize the opportunity to apply smart lighting system today to increase the professionalism of the project and attract a large number of staying guests. For any information, please contact Dien Quang for advice.