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Lighting Solution For Specialized Area

In the medical field, Dien Quang is a pioneer in deploying holistic solution. And smart lighting by functional room is one of the 8 typical solutions that Dien Quang pays special attention to. In the hospital, all areas and departments need light. However, depending on the needs of use and the functional characteristics that the light requirement will be different. Let's find out more about this solution in the article below.

Smart lighting solutions in hospitals

Light requirements in the hospital

The hospital operates 24 hours a day. With such frequency, light is considered a particularly important and urgent factor. Moreover, in order for the hospital to perform well its mission of saving lives, it is necessary to have strict light requirements for each functional area and department. Here are the general light requirements in the hospital
●    Lighting in the clinic needs to use high-quality, stable lighting equipment to improve the illuminance for examination, reading of medical records and accurate diagnosis of pathology.
●    Lighting in the patient room should limit glare, help the patient to have a comfortable space. The suitable light also helps patients to have an optimistic spirit, increasing the ability to recover. In this area, it is recommended to use local lighting devices, illuminance about 5 lux, 0.8m from the floor. If it is a pediatric patient room, the illuminance of about 20 lux is appropriate
●    Operating room lighting always requires strict requirements on equipment quality, flexibility in brightness adjustment, light standards, color rendering index. The operating room should have a overall lighting area and a local lighting area. In particular, the overall lighting is usually from ceiling lights and corner lights. As for local lighting, surgical lights, lights that do not reflect shadows, lights with the ability to adjust focus and brightness are often used. 
●    Corridor area: requires a wide lighting system with sufficient brightness, warning lighting signs, instruction signs, etc. Good and standard lighting in the welcoming corridor will increase alertness of the staff, even when working for long periods of time. As a result, the service quality for hospitals is increased.

Smart lighting in the patient room helps improve patients' morale

What are benefits of Dien Quang's holistic solution for Healthcare?

As a leading corporation in holistic solution in all fields, Dien Quang is proud to have been and will be the optimal choice for many hospitals when there is a need for smart lighting. Dien Quang aims to bring lighting solutions that meet the following gold standards in healthcare:
●    Safe for everyone's health: Doctors, staff at the hospital, as well as patients will always have a space full of light. Dien Quang's smart lighting solution by functional room and area applies advanced germicidal technology to minimize harmful bacteria, so it is a safe space.
●    Bringing maximum comfort to patients and users: Dien Quang's lighting solutions not only make it convenient for hospital medical doctors to receive, examine, consult and treat patients, but also helps patients to receive medical treatment and health care in the most comfortable environment. Patients can manually control the lighting system in the room remotely, according to pre-programmed scenarios without having to move much.
●    Dien Quang's lighting solutions aim to increase the aesthetics of the space of each functional room, help patients to have a comfortable and optimistic spirit, and help medical doctors to feel more motivated to work and save lives.
●    The lighting system in the hospital, in the functional rooms is not allowed to have any errors. More specifically, in addition to the requirement of stability to serve emergency cases, urgent surgery, Dien Quang's lighting solution also helps to save maximum electricity for hospitals. The system uses energy-saving LED lights, safe brightness, long life, so it reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Lighting in the operating room needs to be stable and meet strict standards

Smart features in Dien Quang's lighting solution by functional room

Each area, functional room in the hospital will have a separate task. Corresponding to each of those functions will have different lighting needs. Understanding this rule, Dien Quang has researched a smart lighting solution by functional room. Highlights of smart features are clearly demonstrated through the following features:

●    The patient room has an automatic lighting system. Thanks to that, the patients can rest comfortably, do not have to move too much when they want to turn on and off the lights. Smart lighting solutions in the patient room are also available with scenarios of color, brightness, and lighting intensity, contributing to supporting patient treatment and improving patient morale. As a result, the patient has a faster recovery time.
●    In laboratories, clinics, ultrasound rooms, X-ray rooms, MRI rooms: Each room will be installed with a separate lighting system, suitable for room design, medical equipment used in the room and functional lighting needs. Accordingly, each functional room will be installed with different types of lights, different number of lights, different lights designs, and different light intensity.
●    Smart lighting solution helps users to turn on, off, change color, adjust light intensity remotely, through central control system and smart sensors.

Through the above article, you must have understood better about the smart lighting solution by functional room of Dien Quang. Thanks to the outstanding strengths, this solution of Dien Quang has been widely applied in many famous hospitals across the country. Therefore, if your hospital is in need of a comprehensive and modern smart lighting solution, please contact Dien Quang immediately for advice and supply.