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Smart LED street lights using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology for Hospitality project

Nb-IoT technology is considered as one of the outstanding marks of Viettel in recent years in order to develop an advanced and modern life. So what are the results when applying this technology to the development of smart LED street light system? Especially in the field of Hospitality businesses? Let Dien Quang help you learn more through the following article.

Smart street lights using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology

About Viettel's Nb-IoT technology

IoT (Internet of Things) is defined as a network model that connects things together via the internet. This is a solution that is very suitable with the current development trend, because a progressive society does not stop at connecting people to people but must progress to connecting things together via the internet.

With Viettel's Nb-IoT solution, we can connect thousands or even millions of physical devices together. Thereby, helping devices to connect themselves, collect data and transmit information to each other. The Nb-IoT system also allows devices to "sense" themselves or to be controlled remotely via wireless networks.

The benefits that Nb-IoT-enabled lighting solutions bring is to help improve production efficiency, help people control and monitor things more effectively. Thereby contributing to increase economic value.

One of the practical applications of the Nb-IoT solution is a smart LED street light system that saves energy and connection costs, expands coverage as well as allows many devices to connect to the network.

Smart LED street lights using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology for Hospitality field

Smart LED street lights using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology can simply be understood as a system of street light poles equipped with a combination of LED lights for lighting and a series of multifunctional Nb-IoT terminals. Thereby forming a smart Nb-IoT network node capable of communicating with other smart devices by Nb-IoT technology.

Applying Nb-IoT technology to smart street light system has brought many impressive results

Currently, the application of smart light pole solution using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology is interested and directed by many Hospitality businesses for the following reasons:

Smart controllability

With the smart LED street light system integrated with Viettel's technology, you can easily control it remotely through the signal receiving sensor. Therefore, through the central control system, you can actively turn on and off the light remotely according to your needs to save electrical energy.

Optimum centralized control and management

With Nb-IoT technology, smart street light system can sense and communicate with each other through a central platform. This advantage makes centralized control and management much more optimized and effective than conventional solutions.

Efficient electrical energy saving for the Hospitality field

One of the indispensable advantages of the smart LED street light solution using Nb-IoT technology is to help optimize power consumption. Compared to conventional lighting systems, smart light poles can automatically adjust the use of light bulbs depending on the needs and human traffic in the area.

In addition, this street light system can adjust the brightness according to time, the density of people through the sensor. It is this that helps save maximum power used in cases where it is not needed. Thereby, the use of electrical energy in Hospitality enterprises is more efficient and optimal.

Smart street light solution to save power consumption

Why choose street lights using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology in Dien Quang?

As a leading technology company in Vietnam in the field of lighting and electrical equipment, we are constantly trying to find smart solutions to innovate and improve the quality of life of people and society.

Realizing the great advantages of Viettel's Nb-IoT technology, Dien Quang has successfully developed a smart street light solution applied in the field of Hospitality. Along with more than 45 years of experience, Dien Quang will bring the most satisfaction to Hospitality service businesses.

Smart street light solutions helps improve lighting efficiency

In addition to the advantages of the smart street light system that Dien Quang mentioned above, one more reason that you can rest assured to choose our solution is that you will receive quick installation support, attractive costs and many other incentives.

Above is the specific information of street lights using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology in Dien Quang. If you want to know more about this smart LED street light solution, please contact us directly at our hotline at 19001257 for advice and support.