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Smart LED street lights using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology are optimal for the real estate sector

There are many real estate projects that want to equip themselves with a smart LED street light system but do not know which is the right solution. Along with the development of modern technology, especially the pioneering technology of Viettel - Nb-IoT, Dien Quang has brought an optimal smart street light solution for projects in the real estate sector. Below are detailed information to help you better understand this technology.

Smart LED street light system is essential for the real estate sector

The role of Viettel's Nb-IoT technology in the real estate sector

To accelerate the process of urban intelligence, Viettel has pioneered the launch of NB-IoT technology. This is one of the technology chains that helps intelligentize the entire operating process of businesses. In particular, it must be mentioned businesses operating in the field of real estate - a field that does not lack the presence of electric lighting systems.
NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) technology has the ability to automatically disconnect the device when it is idle. Thanks to that, the life of the equipment is also extended, in particular, the cost of electricity used is also significantly reduced. This is an important factor to help businesses in the real estate sector save operating costs effectively.

Real estate businesses can equip their projects with a smart street light system

Thanks to Viettel's NB-IoT technology, real estate businesses can completely equip their projects with a smart, economical and user-friendly street light system. In particular, NB-IoT technology is capable of supporting connection with a large number of devices, reducing power consumption and optimizing network architecture. This greatly supports real estate projects in the construction of street lights.

Advantages from smart LED street light solution using Viettel's Nb-IoT technology

Thanks to Viettel's Nb-IoT technology, Dien Quang's smart LED street light solution is increasingly interested in by real estate businesses thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

Efficient energy saving for real estate projects

With a unit operating in the field of real estate with a large number of projects, surely the problem that needs attention is how to save energy most effectively. Understanding these concerns, Dien Quang's smart LED street lights using Nb-IoT technology were launched with the ability to connect with a large number of devices. 

In addition, automatically disconnecting the device when not in use has contributed to avoiding waste due to unwanted power consumption. This efficiency has greatly helped reduce power consumption and significantly save costs.

Efficient energy saving for real estate projects

Sensitive and smart controllability

NB-IoT is not only capable of connecting a large number of devices, making it easier to control, but this technology also helps the photovoltaic street light system have an optimized architecture, supporting users to control sensitively and smartly. This helps businesses in the real estate sector to easily build projects that optimize the user experience.

Easy control and centralized management

Using Viettel's NB-IoT technology also helps Dien Quang's smart LED street light system not be as complicated as traditional street light systems. The design and deployment of devices are also very simple. Since then, the lighting system provided by Dien Quang becomes smarter and user-friendly. A large number of devices also does not cause great obstacles when controlling or managing when using Dien Quang's lighting system.

Why should real estate businesses choose Dien Quang?

With nearly 50 years of experience, Dien Quang is always honored to be a leader in the field of manufacturing and trading equipment, services or solutions in the field of lighting as well as electrical equipment. With our experience and continuous improvement to meet the development needs of modern society, Dien Quang's products and solutions are always the most optimal choice for the real estate sector.

As its "Ecoonomical- Safe - Friendly" criteria, Dien Quang offers solutions that can help your unit save on electricity consumption costs, while ensuring safety and friendliness for people in their real estate projects. In particular, the team of consultants and technical staff always provide dedicated support and enthusiastic advice to thoroughly handle the problems encountered by real estate businesses, thereby bringing customers with satisfaction and the best experience.

Please rest assured to choose our smart LED street light solution of Dien Quang

Through the above information, business owners in the real estate sector must have better understood the outstanding features and advantages of the Dien Quang smart led street light solution. If you still have questions about this solution or want to get this solution today, please contact Dien Quang immediately for quick answers and advice.