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Smart LED street lighting solution

With the continuous development of the industrial field, many factories and plants sprang up. Therefore, the demand for lighting is increasing day by day. In particular, lighting with smart Led street lights using Lora technology is very popular. Let's find out the advantages of this lighting solution in Dien Quang through the article below

 LED street lights bring a harmonious light spac

Advantages of smart Led street lights using Lora technology

LED street light is a popular lighting solution in recent years. Compared to other types of Metal and Sodium lights, LED lights are lighting devices that do not emit ultraviolet rays, so they are absolutely safe for humans and the environment. Here are the typical advantages of the smart LED street light system:

●    This system helps to adjust the usage of light bulbs depending on the human traffic on the road, lighting needs, lighting area. The LED system can be turned on, off, and adjusted according to time, density of people and vehicles thanks to the built-in sensor.
●    Smart led lights are designed with many new advanced devices such as sensor controllers, signal transmitters, central control systems. Thanks to that, the street lighting system is operated synchronously and professionally
●    Smart street light system saves up to 70% of electricity, 80% of maintenance costs, saves operating costs for investors.

What's so special about the smart LED street light solution using Lora technology?

Dien Quang is a pioneer corporation in the field of providing comprehensive smart lighting solutions in Vietnam. In particular, Dien Quang smart Led street light solution has been affirming its quality in the market thanks to the following outstanding strengths:
●    Dien Quang was assigned by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City to research and develop smart street light products, on the basis of cooperation with HCM University of Technology
●    Dien Quang LED street light solution decentralizes centralized control from the center, without geographical restrictions. This advantage helps to save operating personnel of the user unit
●    The intelligent sensor and context programming system has the function of turning the device on and off in real time or according to a predetermined context.
●    Dien Quang LED street light products use advanced Lora technology. This is a technology that helps to provide wide coverage without telecommunications costs. With this technology, security is very high thanks to many layers of secure encryption.
●    The product integrates an LED chip with lights life measurement technology. This feature helps to predict damaged lights for timely replacement.
●    Dien Quang LED street light solution has a load graph interface on an intuitive system. This feature helps to predict the abnormality of each system, monitor energy consumption and statistics by day/month/year.
●    Dien Quang deploys this solution according to a professional process, from consulting to design, construction, and acceptance by a team of highly qualified personnel. Thanks to that, the quality of the whole system is absolutely guaranteed.

Dien Quang Led street lights are trusted to illuminate the internal roads of industrial zones

Applications of Dien Quang LED street lights in industry

Along with the continuous development of the economy, the industrial field develops like a storm. Followed by the inevitable birth of industrial factories and plants. Therefore, the demand for installing lighting systems for factories is increasing day by day.

With the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, Dien Quang LED street lights are being widely applied in many fields. In particular, for the industrial field, this lighting solution brings a lot of benefits to factories, workshops and enterprises. Street lighting at factory and workshops campus with LED lights brings a lot of benefits to investors.

Dien Quang LED street lights are scalable, integrated with smart management technology, helping to operate the whole system professionally. In particular, the system can also monitor and warn the environment through temperature sensors, smoke sensors. This solution of Dien Quang also integrates with the camera system, helping to manage and monitor the entire factory campus accurately and safely.

LED street lights ALLEY 2 - 100 are commonly used in industrial lighting,etc.

Thus, it can be affirmed that using Dien Quang smart Led street lights using Lora technology in the industrial field is an optimal choice. This solution not only brings benefits to the owners of factories, workshops and enterprises, but also ensures safety and is friendly to the environment and human. Dien Quang is proud to have brought this solution to many projects across the country, in many large-scale industrial zones. Therefore, at any time, please contact Dien Quang for advice and supply.