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Smart Corridor Lighting Solutions

The corridor has always been a more pedestrianized area, from office buildings, to large and small malls. For this area, the latest smart corridor lighting solution today will help your building become highly efficient, aesthetic and especially power efficient. Let’s see this solution with Dien Quang!

What are the criteria for designing a corridor lighting system?

Corridor design is a complex process that requires highly qualified people to perform. How a corridor can receive enough light, make it easy for people to move, and still ensure power savings for the house owner, that’s success. To this end, we cannot ignore the following important criteria when designing corridors for works:

The color of the light needs to bring softness to the user and still be able to illuminate the whole corridor

●    The light color is elegant and neutral to be able to fit all the design styles of the buildings. At the same time, the colors of light such as white and warm white will bring a feeling of comfort and softness to the eyes of users. 
●    The model of corridor lighting is suitable in terms of style as well as size. Choose the design style of your entire space and meet your needs. This is an aesthetic criterion so you need to make a correct, careful choice.
●    Reasonable lighting capacity to save electricity for the corridor area of the project. You need to know the area and height of the ceiling to choose the right type of lighting. Especially, if the corridor is not too wide, you can choose products with less than 25w.
●    The product must be safe during use.

Smart Corridor Lighting Solutions

Lighting in the corridor will make it easier for people, more convenient to travel, especially in the corridor area inside the building and not receive natural light. Instead of using a traditional corridor lighting system (controlled by a wall switch), smart corridor lighting solutions both help users save electricity, bring aesthetics to the works and especially still ensure the above criteria. 

Smart corridor lighting saves power

The LED lighting system is used, in combination with the Radar sensor, which can automatically turn on and off according to human activity. In addition, this lighting solution has the following advantages:
●    Self-adjusting light intensity when people move: automatically turns on when someone enters the touch area, automatically turns off when there are no people.
●    Because it is an induction system, it is possible to save maximum power, especially when no one is passing by.
●    Ensuring the aesthetics of the corridor area, removing the traditional light bulbs and the complex switch system mounted on the wall.

Using the smart corridor lighting solution of Dien Quang

Dien Quang is the leading name in Vietnam in the field of supplying high-end electrical equipment. We are at the forefront of research and production of new, high quality products and maximum efficiency for our users. Dien Quang has successfully implemented smart lighting solutions for many large and small buildings nationwide, including smart corridor lighting solutions.

Dien Quang provides smart lighting solutions

With Dien Quang, customers will be provided with LED lighting designed with smart sensors for the corridor area. You will be consulted by the most specific team in terms of service costs, while being absolutely assured of the installation process and quality. Come with us for the most economical and modern corridor area!