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Smart control solar street lamp solution in the Hospitality sector

In the Hospitality sector, comfort, professionalism and environmental friendliness are the very important standards of the works. The smartly controlled Solar street lamp is one that perfectly meets those standards. Let’s explore the characteristics of this solution through the article below.

Solar Led lamps for resort extra comfort

What are smartly controlled Solar street lamps?

Smartly controlled Solar street lamp is a smart led street lamp product, which is popularly applied in many fields, including the hotel and accommodation industry. The characteristic of this lamp is the use of solar panels to absorb solar energy, convert photovoltaic energy into electricity and supply the lamp for lighting.

The principle of operation of this lamp is that the solar panel will absorb energy from sunlight and fully charge the battery during the day when the lamp is turned off. Until the battery is fully charged, the control sensor automatically interrupts charging. At night, the Led will automatically illuminate due to the conversion of photovoltaic energy into 220V power

This smart street lamp does not need wires, power supply like other conventional lamps. In addition, the lights turn on and off automatically during the day and night, so the operation is extremely professional. At the villas, hotel premises, this lamp maximizes the lighting capacity as well as the aesthetics for the whole project. 

Benefits of solar street lamps in the Hospitality sector

The food, accommodation and travel service industry is a sector that serves regular customers with high requirements for convenience, luxury, professionalism and safety. Therefore, the owner of works in this field not only needs to pay attention to the internal lighting system but also pay close attention to the lighting solution for the external campus.  Solar street lamps are one of the devices that create the perfection of that solution. Here are the typical benefits that this lamp brings to Hospitality projects:

●    Using Led Solar street lights helps to save the maximum cost of monthly electricity use. This type of lamp does not need to use cumbersome wires, so it also saves the cost of materials attached
●    Solar street lamps help cut CO2 emissions into the environment. According to statistics, each 1 kWh of solar power will help to cut about 0.886 kg/CO2. Therefore, using this product will contribute to protecting the environment, creating a clean atmosphere for human health. Thereby, Hospitality services also achieve the double goal of creating a relaxing and healthy environment for all customers.
●    Guests often are families on vacation, with small children. The use of Led Solar street lights is an absolute safety solution for young children. No electrical short-circuiting, electric shock, electric-related explosion occurs as when using conventional incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

Dien Quang Solar street lamps used in resorts

Why should Hospitality buildings use Dien Quang Solar street lamps?

Here are the reasons that can convince many employers to choose the Smartly controlled Solar street lamp products of Dien Quang for hotels and holiday villas:
●    Dien Quang manufactures products with advanced technology lines, integrating outstanding smart features. Therefore, not only ensuring the quality, Dien Quang’s products also bring comfort and professionalism to all works.
●    When using Solar street lamps of Dien Quang, customers not only use the product, but also experience the perfect service. From product selection consulting, construction solution consulting to installation, maintenance, maintenance are carried out by the professional engineers of Dien Quang, ensuring progress and quality.
●    Dien Quang products use high-grade materials, high oxidation resistance, heat resistance and good impact resistance. As a result, the product life is very high. Especially, this lamp of Dien Quang uses solar panels with very large energy absorption capacity, the lamp can illuminate throughout, ensuring the utility and aesthetics for the whole project.
●    Dien Quang Solar street lamp is a smart device, switched on and off automatically. As a result, the operation of the whole building is much simpler, more convenient and professional. 

Solar solutions in general and Dien Quang smartly controlled Solar street lamps in particular, really bring a lot of benefits to customers. Especially, in the Hospitality sector, this product has created the trend of green, safe and convenient resort for all guests to stay. Dien Quang is a pioneering brand in lighting equipment in Vietnam, and with this smart led product, Dien Quang increasingly confirms its position as a technology leader. If your building is in need of solar streetlights, contact Dien Quang immediately for advice and supply.