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Holistic solution in Hospitality

Hospitality is an industry that interacts and serves customers directly. Dien Quang's holistic solution for Hospitality not only provide optimal solutions in Hospitality service management, saving energy, reducing operating costs, but also help your customers get the most perfect experience.

Dien Quang's holistic solution

Hospitality industry includes 3 main services: accommodation, food and tourism; therefore, the core mission of the enterprise when operating in this field is to bring customers the best relaxation and comfort, create the perfect memories for customers to stick with your business. Dien Quang's holistic solution for Hospitality owns 3 outstanding utilities to help businesses fulfill their mission of serving customers.

Holistic solution for Hospitality optimize service management

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Hospitality provides hotel and restaurant owners with a comprehensive IoT platform, which collects and provides authentic data, optimizes customer experience to help Managers make informed decisions to improve services, boost hotel and restaurant operations and reduce unnecessary costs.

The optimal solution for management activities to bring the best customer experience

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Hospitality under the IoT platform has high security and flexible scale. They can perform millions of data transactions per day with the best data processing available. It allows managers to take advantage of technology to apply to important activities such as operating accommodation facilities, providing services to resort guests, increasing digital customer participation, reducing redundant activity and help staff focus on serving customers better.

The basic working mechanism of the solution is to collect information from LED lights system, integrated sensors and IoT devices through a pre-connected system, so the system will quickly update the requests or small changes from customers in order to provide a better and more thoughtful experience for the staying customers.

Customers are the center of holistic solution for Hospitality

With Dien Quang's holistic solution for Hospitality, customers are always at the center of all activities. Staying customers will be connected to services by the simplest operations such as just one touch or just voice. The equipment in the room from television, air conditioner, lighting system, ... are all around the customer. With simple actions, customers can easily adjust everything to their liking.

Holistic solution puts the customer at the center of all activities

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Hospitality is designed to create an environment where customers feel like they are in their own home. Comfort and convenience are always a top priority. Contexts related to temperature, light, curtains, sound, etc. can also be automatically activated when customers enter the room.
Besides, smart lighting in Hospitality solution also reduces energy costs for hotels and restaurants. Because it controls the light in the room well, automatically adjusts the light, temperature, electrical outlets, curtains to suit the context and habits of the staying customers.

Smart lighting in Hospitality solution using PMS management system

Restaurants and hotels are now increasingly expanding their business scale in both quantity and quality, which requires managers to have management solutions to save costs, save manpower and achieve high management efficiency. 
The smart lighting in Hospitality solution uses a PMS (Property Management System) connection system, a system that integrates many different functions, serving many different aspects of management such as staff management, room booking , accounting, revenue - expenditure, etc. that help managers have the most overall view of the business situation of the restaurant, hotel.

Smart lighting in Hospitality solution using PMS management system

This system also connects with many other management systems, helping to improve Hospitality business services, avoid asset loss, and simplify the management of hotels and restaurants on the same system. The advantages of this system are: It can be easily managed remotely, has high accuracy, saves time and budget, synchronizes data, and has an easy-to-use interface.
Dien Quang's holistic solution for Hospitality possesses advanced technology, developed from the leading electrical equipment suppliers in Vietnam. This is one of the trending solutions, which can be applied to convert traditional hotels and restaurants into smart experience zones easily and economically.