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Smart Building

In recent times, it is clear that the number of high-rise buildings has been increasing to serve the needs of human living and working. With the development of science and technology, traditional collective quarters have been gradually replaced by Smart Buildings with the most advanced technology. It can be confirmed that the smart building solution of Dien Quang is the perfect choice for investors who are working on projects to build new buildings today.

Overview of the smart building solution of Dien Quang

Building and complex operations managers have always struggled to find ways to maximize efficiency while still wanting to ensure safety and save electricity for a long time. With Dien Quang, IoT technology is used to help us solve this difficult problem. At that time, smart devices will be installed in necessary places around the building. The information and figures of various aspects of the building will be provided in detail and forwarded to the Management. Based on these information and figures, the Management will produce automated in-depth analyses to improve management performance and costs, ultimately providing convenience and user-friendliness.

IoT technology is used to connect devices to each other

Dien Quang is a leader in combining wireless connections, sensors, control devices, electronics, security and lighting, etc. With IoT technology, Dien Quang will make the process of operating these buildings smarter, more modern and efficient. Specifically, the smart building solution of Dien Quang includes the following utilities:
●    Automatic lighting system applied in the working room: Automatically adjust the brightness of the lamp when the sunlight changes. 
●    Smart meeting room with centralized, efficient management system: Automatic welcome script when entering the room: turn on the light automatically, turn on the air-conditioner automatically. Presentation scenario: automatically turn on the screen, turn on the projector and automatically reduce the brightness for the whole room.
●    Built-in positioning system makes it easy for users to find their vehicles using a smartphone. 
●    The air conditioning system is managed efficiently, not simply on and off as scheduled, but also optimally according to the ambient temperature and the number of people in use.
●    BMS (Building Management System) connection system helps managers anywhere, anytime to access and perform tasks.

What are the benefits of the Smart Building Solution of Dien Quang?

When using the smart building solution of Dien Quang, users will get a lot of benefits that the old model buildings cannot have:
●    Save 80% power consumption because the devices only switch on automatically when people pass through the touch area, while also automatically change the light intensity to match the surrounding environment.
●    Easily manage with the built-in smart controller installed on the phone.
●    Ensure the security of the area with a professional surveillance camera system that can detect the faces of employees and customers.
●    Communicate promptly when you need help.
●    Get accurate notifications and alerts when something goes wrong.

Smart building solution of Dien Quang

Dien Quang is a leading name in the field of supplying high-end electrical equipment in Vietnam. The improvement in production technology and applied new techniques, give customers smart design and installation solutions, in accordance with the standards of modern buildings. The Smart Building Solution is one of the new strides of Dien Quang Smart. We have successfully implemented many works with Smart Building solution.

Use the smart building solution of Dien Quang to deliver efficiencies

Coming to Dien Quang, investors will not have to worry about service quality as well as installation costs because we always put the rights of customers first. Be a trendsetter with a smart building solution of Dien Quang.