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Smart Building

Smart school is a school model developed on the basis of maximum application of technological achievements, modernizing facilities, and providing a high-quality educational environment. This is also considered to become a new trend of the education in time. To build this school model, Dien Quang's Smart Building is a great choice. Let's explore this solution through our article below.

Smart school is the ideal environment to train the young generation

Why do schools need Smart Building ?

It is no coincidence that Smart Building are now widely applied in schools in the world's leading developed countries, especially in countries with advanced and modern education. This proves that this solution provides a comprehensive quality and effective training environment.

Through evaluating the most advanced smart school models today, it can be seen that this solution brings great benefits in improving the quality of education and training, specifically: 

●    Provide students with a comfortable learning environment. This is very important in improving teaching efficiency, helping students absorb and concentrate better.
●    With Smart Building, you will save a lot of electricity costs for schools, and especially still giving students the best experience.
●    All technology is programmed automatically, so it is very friendly and easy to use for all audiences, from officials, teachers to students.

Smart school model is more and more widely applied

Dien Quang smart school solution system

To create a modern educational environment, Smart Building has integrated many modern technologies and intelligent systems. It is as follows:

Economical lighting

With Dien Quang smart building for school solution, you will save up to 80% of electricity consumption compared to daily use needs. This is thanks to the diverse application of economical lighting systems in both the workplace and the corridor area.

Smart school integrated with economical lighting system

Accordingly, based on automatic sensors, the lighting system will adjust the light intensity to 100% when people come in, vice versa, it will reduce the light intensity when there are no people to save energy.

Optimum cooling system control

In addition to the lighting system, Dien Quang smart school solution also helps you control the cooling system well, optimize the management of school operations.

Garage – Smart parking garage

In Dien Quang, we not only provide students with the most intelligent and quality learning space, but also have extremely interesting experiences with smart parking garage. Dien Quang's smart parking garage has the following advantages:

●    Can automatically adjust the brightness of the lighting system.
●    Easily identify available parking positions so that students, staff, and teachers working at the school do not have to spend a lot of time searching and also locate the parking location when forgetting.
●    The integrated navigation system helps to find vehicles in the parking lot by phone quickly and conveniently.
●    Using smart BMS connection system (Building Management System). 

Modern AI Camera

Dien Quang smart school solution is also integrated with a modern AI Camera. It allows monitoring, face recognition of teachers, students or school staff.

This greatly contributes to improving the quality of management and education at the school. This is also one of the bright spots in the application of technological achievements to schools.

Smart schools provide an effective educational environment

Optimal solution for meeting room

Dien Quang also gives you the optimal solution for the meeting room. It is integrated automatic lighting and cooling system, supporting automatically turning on the screen, reducing light, activating the host meeting context via 1 button.

Come to Dien Quang for advice on building a smart school

With nearly 50 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and trading products, services and solutions in the field of lighting and electrical equipment, we are constantly trying and creating to bring customers the smartest and most optimal solutions, especially today, the smart school solution is widely applied.

Honored to receive the title of National Brand, Dien Quang affirms to bring customers the best experiences and solutions. Dien Quang's skilled and enthusiastic staff will help the schools improve its quality. You and your unit can rest assured and trust when choosing. 

Above is a summary of information about Dien Quang smart building for school solution. With Smart Building, a civilized and progressive learning and teaching environment will no longer be a dream. If you need more detailed advice about this solution, please contact us immediately via hotline 19001257 for advice and support.