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Holistic solution for school

Dien Quang's school lighting solution is one of eight holistic solutions in education sector. With this solution, schools will have a smart, safe and energy-saving educational environment. Let's learn about the outstanding strengths of Dien Quang when implementing this solution.

What is the optimal lighting solution for the classroom?

The role of smart lighting system elements for schools

Lighting is a very important element in schools and training institutions. Because proper lighting in the classroom will protect students' eyesight and improve the quality of the learning environment for them. Standard, appropriately arranged lighting will spread the best light, helping students focus on studying effectively.

Moreover, the lighting system also helps increase the aesthetics of the school. And a smart lighting system will make lighting operation more convenient, easy, and time-saving. Thanks to that convenience, the school becomes more professional than ever. Applying smart lighting systems also helps schools save on electricity costs. Because the lighting equipment is applied advanced technology with maximum energy saving.

Lighting is extremely important to learning efficiency

Dien Quang's goals when implementing school lighting solution

In the field of education, Dien Quang wants to increase awareness about the efficient, economical and smart use of electrical energy for students, teachers and educational administrators. The intelligence in this solution is reflected in the complete replacement of the old light bulb system by energy-saving LEDs. At the same time, it integrates solutions for smart classrooms, smart corridors, etc. to maximize used energy for the school. 

Dien Quang's goal when implementing this total solution is to provide a safe and effective learning space for the country's future generations. Children learn well, parents will feel more secure because they choose the right ideal environment for their children. And of course, the teaching staff will be motivated to teach well because they work in a professional environment.

Smart lighting for physical education room

Outstanding advantages of Dien Quang school lighting solution

Formerly a company specializing in the research and production of electrical equipment, Dien Quang has a distinct advantage over other enterprises in researching and implementing school lighting solutions. The outstanding advantages of this solution can be mentioned as follows:
●    Dien Quang has a team of professional designers. Thanks to that, depending on the needs of the classrooms and functional rooms, Dien Quang will advise on appropriate lighting solutions, ensuring aesthetics, saving and safety for students. For classrooms, Dien Quang installs concentrated lighting and uses anti-glare lights to protect the eyesight of teachers and students. For the physical area, light with the right intensity makes movement become easy and safe. In the teacher's room, arrange enough light to create a relaxing space to energize the teacher in the next lecture hours, etc.
●    Dien Quang is both a constructor and a manufacturer of electrical equipment. Therefore, it will help schools have a synchronous lighting system. From the design stage, to the construction, warranty and maintenance stage are all done quickly, efficiently, and time-saving.
●    Dien Quang provides school lighting solutions with a professional process, ensuring strict control, helping schools save maximum time and costs. This process also provides service users with a perfect experience.
●    Dien Quang pays special attention to the uniformity of light, helping students and teachers adjust their eyes well. In addition, depending on the function of the classroom and functional room, the arrangement of light sources, smart control systems, and smart sensors is adjusted most accordingly and reasonably.
●    Dien Quang's smart lighting system is an open system that can be integrated with other smart devices to create a comfortable and ideal environment. This solution of Dien Quang has a competitive cost, helping schools save initial investment costs as well as replacement, maintenance and upkeep costs.

Above is comprehensive information about Dien Quang's school lighting solutions. With the above outstanding advantages, Dien Quang has been the choice of many schools across the country for this smart solution. Bringing the mission of spreading the safe, aesthetic and economical lighting system to schools, Dien Quang is committed to satisfying all schools and educational institutions when there is a need to apply this smart solution.