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Interior Lighting Solution

Today, the issue of lighting for architectural works in general as well as hospitals in particular is of great interest to many people. Because in fact, improving lighting efficiency is a very positive job, not only helping to save lighting energy but also helping the team of nurses and doctors work more efficiently and accurately. The following article helps you learn about the advantages that the Dien Quang indoor lighting solution brings.

The issue of lighting for hospital projects in particular is of great interest to many people

What are the requirements for the indoor lighting system for Healthcare?

An indoor lighting system in a modern hospital will always give patients the most comfortable and pleasant feeling. As a result, they can quickly recover and be healthy. In addition, the optimization of the lighting system will also contribute to increasing the aesthetics of the hospital space, bringing a sense of comfort, modernity and luxury.

Indoor lighting solutions are widely applied in large hospitals today

However, through practice, it can be seen that the design of the lighting system inside the hospital is quite complicated and takes a lot of time and effort. Because it requires meeting many of the following requirements and standards:

Technical standards of the hospital indoor lighting system

Unlike other architectural works, the installation of hospital indoor lighting systems highly requires on standards and technical requirements. Because, this place has many different types of spaces such as: medical clinic, sterile room, laboratory, emergency room, operating room, etc. 

And each type of room has very specific lighting requirements not only in terms of illuminance (illuminance, lux), but also strict regulations on other technical criteria on comfort levels such as color temperature (Colour rendering, K0), color rendering index (Colour Rendering Index, Ra), luminance indexes and sterility requirements expressed in terms of tightness (Ingress protection, IP).

In addition, different types of hospitals will also have different specific requirements, such as: children's hospital, maternity hospital, general hospital, etc. So, it will be very difficult to build a lighting system that can be applied to all types of hospitals.

The lighting system needs to be suitable for many different objects in the hospital

Another issue that needs to be considered when designing the hospital indoor lighting system is to consider it so that it can meet the usage requirements of many different objects. 

Indoor lighting solutions helps save energy effectively

For example, the lighting mode for the patient when resting will be different from the mode for when the doctor, nurse comes in to examine the patient or the family member takes care of the patient at night. Therefore, an optimal lighting system must handle these problems in the same space and time.

Ensure the aesthetics of the project

In addition to ensuring the technical requirements, when building the hospital indoor lighting system, it is also necessary to keep the aesthetics, bring a sense of luxury, sophistication and neatness.

Guaranteed to save on power consumption costs

The peculiarity of the lighting system in the hospital is that it must be used 24/24. That is why we need to optimize electrical power consumption through the use of natural light or current smart lighting solutions.

Advantages of Interior Lighting Solution possessed by Dien Quang

It can be seen that the requirements for an indoor lighting system for a hospital are extremely complicated and expensive to implement. Therefore, Dien Quang has researched and launched a smart lighting solution that converges many advantages such as:

Smart and flexible lighting technology

Our smart lighting solution has the advantage of being able to automatically adjust the light according to time, weather or different usage needs. Therefore, patients and medical staff can use it comfortably and with peace of mind.

Clearly depict the characteristics of each area

In addition to the advantages of intelligence and flexibility, Dien Quang also offers you a luxurious workspace with specialized lighting for each area. They have the ability to clearly depict the outstanding features inside such as the reception area, the waiting counter, etc.

Improve efficiency of patient care

And of course, one advantage not to be missed that smart indoor lighting solution of Dien Quang offers is to contribute to professionalism and improve the efficiency of patient care, helping to bring patients with the most quality and effective rest space.

Why looking for medical lighting solutions of Dien Quang?

With the above advantages, the medical indoor lighting solution of Dien Quang deserves to be the best choice today for customers who want to approach a smart, economical and efficient lighting system.

Indoor lighting solutions help bring high aesthetics

At Dien Quang, we are always ready to accompany customers in improving lighting solutions for projects. We make efforts to develop a variety of smart solutions to bring the most comfortable and modern life.

The information about indoor lighting solutions of Dien Quang above is useful information for hospitals who are looking for an economical, safe and different system. To find out more as well as get advice on installing hospital indoor lighting systems, you can directly contact Dien Quang via hotline 19001257.