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Interior lighting

Dien Quang Group provides interior lighting for Hospitality, which brings smart lighting technology according to the scenario, creates attractive landscape inside the building, increases the professional factor and improves the quality of Hospitality services.

Internal work lighting of Dien Quang

In each restaurant space, hotel and accommodation facilities, Dien Quang always categorizes lighting systems for local design as well as coordinate lighting in a reasonable way. There will normally be 3 basic lighting systems below:
Space general lighting system: This is a general lighting system for the space inside the building. This system requires strip lighting which is regular, sufficient for normal living, communication activities and the need to travel back and forth. General lighting must cover spaces and areas where customers can enter, ensuring customer’s activities within that range. General lighting system - internal work lighting needs a uniform light range with light intensity not too bright.

Hotel corridor space general lighting system

Centralized lighting system: This lighting system is also called local lighting, internal work lighting for specific tasks or activities. For example, the reception area, the working area, the dining table, the bar, etc. Centralized lighting requires careful study of the nature, work requirements and (living) needs of users, especially customers, in order to provide the most appropriate light output. Centralized lighting has a direct impact on the psychology of people living and working at the lighting place.
Decorative lighting system: This is the internal work lighting to increase the aesthetic value of the building’s architecture. Decorative lighting can be in large-scale systems in large restaurant and hotel spaces to highlight the building or part of the internal work. Or the system can also be the most creative spot lighting in some locations. In interior space, decorative lighting can characterize a corner, an area with parts to emphasize such as wall patches, paintings, statues, etc.

Decorative lighting 

According to Dien Quang statistics, at present, internal work lighting with the purpose of decorative lighting are being invested quite a lot in the spaces inside restaurants, hotels and accommodation facilities. This not only creates an attractive landscape but also increases the customer experience, improving the quality of Hospitality services.

Benefit from Dien Quang's interior lighting for Hospitality

The lighting solution of Dien Quang possesses smart lighting technology under the scenario. The system stores the customer’s habits and their regular needs to automatically display the right scenario in terms of space and time. For example: Automatically adjust the light according to the time, automatically adjust the light according to the weather, automatically adjust the light according to the requirements of the employer, the sensor automatically turns on or off when no people, etc.
This solution helps restaurant and hotel owners optimize customer experience, make informed decisions to improve service, promote business efficiency while minimizing unnecessary electricity.

Illuminate the outline of the space at the restaurant, the hotel so that it becomes interesting

Internal work lighting using light to clearly carve the outstanding parts inside the space of restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. Your customer service space will have an attractive, luxurious landscape, enhancing the art of architecture. The Dien Quang lighting system is reasonably designed to create alternating bright and dark spots on the architectural surface, which makes the spatial contours at the restaurant or hotel more interesting, impressive, and enhance the enjoyment of customers.
Internal work lighting also enhances professionalism in customer service, improves service quality of restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. Dien Quang focuses on designing the lighting control and management system according to clear principles, so that the operation, use, repair and replacement process is more convenient.
The Internal work lighting of Dien Quang will join the business owner to lead the trend of developing Hospitality services of modern society, serving the needs of the segment of customers who increasingly prefer a comfortable lifestyle.