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Design Lighting Solution On Demand

Indoor lighting solutions are an extremely important part of the overall design to ensure enough light for living and for the aesthetics of the house. In addition, the criteria of safety, energy saving and meeting the needs of customers are also focused when providing lighting solutions. Therefore, Dien Quang has researched and come up with lighting solutions for each space and according to the needs of customers, we would like to invite you to consult.

Lighting requirements and standards for each indoor space

In order to meet the indoor lighting standards, the lighting solution needs to fully meet the standard specifications set out by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Health to achieve high efficiency in light, wattage and health. In addition, the most optimal solution is when it brings the best use efficiency while still saving electricity and costs. Here are some lighting requirements and standards for each indoor space that need to be met:
●    Vietnam standard TCVN 7114-1:2008 on criteria and light quality.
●    Vietnam regulation QCVN 09:2013 on efficient use of energy in construction works.
●    The regulation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health QCVN 22/2016/BYT – National technical regulation on lighting – Permissible level of lighting in the workplace
●    Ensure visual comfort and safety.
●    Lighting equipment should be guaranteed to be high-quality products, beautiful lights and high luminous efficiency, environmentally friendly, and reduce operating costs.
●    Wide range of light color temperature: 3000K, 4000K 5000K, 6500K.

Indoor lighting must ensure lighting quality and health safety standards and environmental friendliness

Lighting solutions for each space in house of Dien Quang

Lighting the living room 

The living room is an extremely important space in every family because in addition to being used to welcome guests, the living room is also a place to gather and reunite with the family on special days of the year. Therefore, the living room lighting is often focused to create a warm and comfortable space.
●    About light: it is recommended to use brightness from the ground to 1m to reach an average of 300-400 lux. At the same time, it is advisable to separate the light switch to make it easy to turn on / off.
●    About light color temperature should be >=3000K or depending on the space and color tone of the interior because if the color tone is low, it will create a feeling of narrow space.
●    If using LED lights, it is recommended to have a color rendering index of CRi>82 to create a more vivid and realistic space.
●    Can use more decorative lights, lighting, etc. to make the living room space more beautiful.

Living room lighting

Lighting the communal room

The communal room is a place to bring all family members together. Therefore, the lighting solution is set out to create intimacy and warmth with the following standards:
●    Lumen of light from the ground up to 1m reaches 300 lux, avoiding high lumens and causing eye pain or low lumens making the skin pale and lifeless.
●    Suitable color temperature is >=3000K.
●    It is recommended to choose LEDs that only have a color rendering index of Cri > 82.

 Lighting the communal room

Lighting the dining room and kitchen

In architectural design, the dining room and kitchen will often be designed next to each other. Therefore, the most suitable lighting solution is to create the same color between the two spaces on the following standards:
●    Lumen of light reaches from 400-500 lux to help the cooking and food processing process be clear.
●    Suitable color temperature > 2700K - 3000K will help you see food more delicious and stimulate appetite.
●    It is recommended to choose LEDs with a Cri >82 color rendering index.

Lighting dining room

Lighting the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for you to rest after a tiring day at work. Therefore, the light in the bedroom needs to be gentle and relaxing with the following standards:
●    Lumen of light reaches 100 - 150 lux. However, the lighting in front of the vanity mirror and wardrobe requires 300 lux and can select a table lamp or spotlight.
●    LEDs with a Cri>82 color rendering index.
●    Suitable color temperature 2700K - 4000K.

Lighting bedroom

Lighting the bathroom 

The bathroom is like a spa at home to create comfort and relaxation. Therefore, the lighting in the bathroom space needs to meet the following standards:
●    Lumen of light reaches 300 lux.
●    The LED color rendering index is Cri > 82.
●    Suitable color temperature is 3000K – 4000K and 6000K.

Lighting the bathroom 

Lighting garden

Garden space is not only a place to decorate but also a place for you to rest and relax. The general rule of garden lighting is to ensure simplicity and create a quiet environment.

Therefore, the garden lighting solution is to use lights located below eye level to avoid dazzle and create virtual shadows that make it difficult to see clearly in the dark. For the walkway area, it is recommended to use low lights along both sides of the aisle to increase aesthetics but still provide the necessary light for moving.

The reason that Dien Quang's indoor lighting solution is so popular

Dien Quang's lighting solutions are always favored by customers because in addition to proposing cost-effective and efficient lighting solutions, we always aim at protecting health and be friendly to the environment. In particular, Dien Quang's indoor lighting solution offers many outstanding advantages compared to other lighting solutions because:
●    Dien Quang proposes basic lighting solutions, focusing, relaxing, resting, decorating, etc. for each space but still ensuring the balance to meet the needs of customers.
●    Not only ensure lighting solutions suitable for each space in the house, according to the preferences of the owner
●    Dien Quang only uses high-quality, safe and energy-saving lighting equipment.

Dien Quang's indoor lighting solutions ensure quality standards, save costs and match the preferences of homeowners

The above article has introduced to you indoor lighting solutions for each space and according to the needs of Dien Quang's customers. Hopefully this useful information will help you better understand the standards and regulations in housing lighting design. If you need assistance with any problem, please contact Dien Quang for a free consultation.