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Balcony Safety Solution

Many safety solutions are applied to schools today for the purpose of preventing unexpected incidents from happening, providing peace of mind for teachers and parents. In which, it is impossible not to mention the Dien Quang's balcony safety solution. The solution is currently being applied by many preschools and primary schools. The following article will help you better understand the meaning and practical value that it brings.

The school balcony is a place where many dangers lurk

Why does the school balcony need to be safe?

In recent years, there have been many unfortunate accidents in schools. In which, the most common is the unintentional fall of the balcony, especially in preschool and primary school age. It all comes from children's carelessness in the process of playing and joking. 

That is why parents are very insecure when sending their children to school in places where there is a loose balcony system, which is not safe. In addition, during recess, teachers will also have a hard time watching and observing the children to avoid unfortunate accidents.

The balcony safety solution is widely applied in schools today

Understanding those difficulties and hardships, Dien Quang has researched, learned and launched a balcony safety warning solution. Thereby, it will greatly support teachers in managing students to avoid dangerous and unsafe areas.

Dien Quang balcony safety solution - the optimal choice for schools 

Dien Quang balcony safety solution is also known as Aladdin Safety Balcony. This solution works on the principle of motion detection through sensors. From there, the system will activate the alarm speaker when children enter the dangerous area. Thus, teachers can recognize and take timely measures to avoid unfortunate incidents.

It can be said that this is the optimal solution and is very necessary for schools today for two reasons:

●    Bringing safety to children, avoiding unfortunate accidents. It also helps parents and teachers feel more secure.

●    Low installation cost, user-friendly and very easy to use. The touch system is responsive and precise. The solution always has the most timely warnings before any bad or dangerous situations, ensuring absolute safety and minimizing accidents.


The balcony safety solution effectively supports educational management

Dien Quang - a reliable provider of smart solutions for schools

Overcoming many units in the market, Dien Quang has been trusted by many partners over the past time, because:

Nearly 50 years of experience

It can be said that Dien Quang is one of the most experienced units in the field of lighting and electrical equipment. Since our establishment, we have had nearly 50 years of experience in developing smart and user-friendly solutions, aiming at giving users the most modern and quality life.

The achievements that Dien Quang has achieved over the years are not only noble titles bestowed by the State, above all, it is also the trust, support and companionship of customers. It is also a testament to our reputation and values that we bring to the community.

Friendly, economical and smart solution

With the strong boom of the current industrial revolution 4.0, Dien Quang has promptly innovated and pioneered the application of modern science and technology in production and business to provide convenience and safe. Dien Quang products not only ensure aesthetics but also optimize function, contributing to improving effectively the training quality of schools.

In particular, the balcony safety solution is one of our achievements in our efforts to provide a modern, safe and friendly learning environment, creating peace of mind and trust from parents as well as teachers in managing and educating students at preschool and primary school age.

The balcony safety solution gives you peace of mind

Dien Quang always gives customers the smartest, most economical and friendliest solutions. That is also the reason why the balcony safety solution we provide is now trusted by many customers.

Enthusiastic staff

Referring to the success of Dien Quang in the field of production and sales of products, services and solutions in the field of lighting and electrical equipment, it is impossible not to mention the companionship of extremely dedicated and professional staff. As a result, schools are advised to choose the optimal solution in terms of both function and cost.

Above is information about Dien Quang's balcony safety solution. With the advantages that our solution brings, the school environment will be safer; parents can feel secure for their children to study. For installation advice, please contact us via hotline 19001257.