Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

Dien Quang – The leader in lighting technology and holistic solution

After nearly 50 years of development, Dien Quang is constantly striving to achieve its position as the leading supplier of technological products and smart solutions in Vietnam and the region.  

Vision and mission

Dien Quang was established in 1973, and it has been being the only National brand in the lighting technology industry. In the face of the 4.0 technology trend, Dien Quang is moving strongly towards becoming a multinational technology group, specializing in providing holistic solution for many sectors. Specifically:
+ From producing common products to developing smart products.
+ From a pure manufacturing company to a technology group that provides holistic solution.
Dien Quang has embarked on synchronous implementation of many smart solutions, as a partner to provide Holistic solution in many fields such as Real Estate, Hospitals, Schools, Industrial Parks, Restaurant chains, Hotel chains, Resorts. The solution include:
+ Holistic solution for the Real estate: External building highlighting lighting solutions, Solar solutions, Smart street lighting solutions, Landscape lighting solutions, Smart parking basement solutions, Bactericidal elevator solutions, Internal building highlighting lighting solutions, Smart corridor lighting solutions, Lighting solutions for each space and according to the needs of customers, Smarthome solutions, Safety warning solutions for railings, Smart building solutions.
+ Holistic solution for Hospitality: External building highlighting lighting solutions, Solar solutions, Smart street lighting solutions, Landscape lighting solutions, Smart parking basement solutions, Bactericidal elevator solutions, Internal building highlighting lighting solutions, Smart corridor lighting solutions, Lighting solutions for each space and according to the needs of customers, Smart lighting solutions for rooms, villas for rent; Smart building solutions for hotel buildings or resorts.
+ Holistic solution for Industry: Lighting solutions for industrial parks or businesses in industrial parks, Solar solutions, Smart street lighting solutions, Smart parking basement solutions, Internal work lighting solutions, Smart factory solutions, Smart lighting solutions for offices, Smart factory solutions.
+ Holistic solution for the Healthcare: Smart lighting solutions according to each area, each functional room; Bacteriological elevator solutions, Bacteriological solutions in other spaces such as: medicine rooms, warehouses, garbage rooms, collection rooms; Smart parking basement solutions, Internal work lighting solutions, External work lighting solutions, Solar solutions, Smart solutions for the hospital building/ office.
+ Holistic solution for Education: School lighting solutions, Smart building solutions for education, Landscape lighting solutions, Bactericidal solutions in elevators, restrooms, other public areas, etc., Safety warning solutions for railings, Smart parking basement solutions, Smart solutions for school buildings/ offices, Solar solutions.
Dien Quang will constantly strive to achieve its position as a multinational group developing technological products and leading smart lighting solutions in Vietnam and the region. The desire to fulfill the mission of creating products and services to bring “Comfort – Safety – Aesthetics”. Contribute to improving the quality of human life with the products made by the Vietnamese, moving towards a modern and highly connected society.

Scale of development

Dien Quang put the high-tech Dien Quang Factory with modern, highly automated equipment lines into operation.
Dien Quang invests in Research and Development center with more than 100 creative experts - young engineers.
Dien Quang established specialized technology blocks such as IoT and Homecare to create initiative in management, breakthrough in technology.
Dien Quang has been strengthening cooperation with domestic and foreign technology partners to coordinate research, development and diversification of smart control technology application solutions.

Key industries

The business lines of Dien Quang include:
+ Lighting industry – Dien Quang Lighting: Trading in lighting products and lighting solutions: Decorative lighting, Commercial lighting, Landscape lighting, Building highlighting. Dien Quang Lighting equipment ensures the standards of light quality and color temperature, high quality, beautiful durability, high performance, environmental friendliness, reduces operating costs, rich colors up to 16 million colors, long life, good lighting time, therefore it will save the cost of repair or replacement.
+ Smart solution industry – Dien Quang Smart: The system of intelligent control technology solutions, is widely applied in many fields. The system of intelligent solution groups includes: smart city, smart building, smart home apps for a wide range of spaces, from homes to office buildings to smart cities. With these solutions, the user will be able to operate and control the lighting equipment anytime, anywhere and according to previous programming scenarios. The typical feature of this system is the ability to open, easily connect with other technological products.
+ Solar energy industry – Dien Quang Solar: Production of electricity using solar energy with the role of “consulting on design and construction; investment in electricity production system”. Dien Quang Solar dominates by a strong investment role, experienced team and sustainable technology.
+ Household good industry – Dien Quang Home: Trading household products. Household appliance products are manufactured through the application of scientific and technological advances, upgrading production lines with modern machinery and equipment imported from advanced countries in the world.
+ Electrical equipment industry – Dien Quang Electric: Manufacture and trading of electrical equipment products for civil and industrial use: conduit, wall socket, CB/MCB, tester, electrical cabinet, surface panel, smart electrical switch, etc.  With high durability, modern, ensuring quality and safety when using. Dien Quang Electric products are based on intelligent technology from Holistic solution of Dien Quang.

Outstanding advantages of products and services

Energy efficiency and saving: Dien Quang products and solutions can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% by sensors and each bright spot management systems.
High security: Dien Quang uses Amazon Web services’ cloud computing service, adopts two-layer security technology and 'End-to-End' packet encryption. User data will be managed and secured in accordance with the world’s leading safety standards.
Comfort and efficiency: Dien Quang products and solutions make it possible for users to remotely manage, monitor and control all electronic devices anywhere and anytime. All operations are quickly integrated through phones, computers, tablets, etc. in a simple way, the interface is intuitive and easy to use, with a single touch. Dien Quang solutions are built on a multi-standard open application platform that supports multiple devices, with the ability to quickly integrate with 3rd party peripherals such as: Amazon, google, apple, yale, LG, Xiaomi,…
Create a safe, friendly and fresh environment: The products and solutions of Dien Quang not only create a comfortable lighting environment but also significantly save costs due to energy saving, equipment optimization when operating, rational management of the system, reducing the burden on the population. Therefore, the solution using energy from Dien Quang is an effective solution in limiting greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful substances into the environment.
Holistic solution, automation, flexibility to meet many different requirements: Dien Quang products and solutions integrate intelligent contextual scenarios, show the right scenarios for each time of use or each space. The system also stores its user habits and regular usage needs to automatically display each respective scenario.
High aesthetic value: The system is designed and installed from Dien Quang in a modern and sophisticated style. The design patterns are consistent with the structure and aesthetics of the project. The design is suitable for the landscape of the place of installation, both meeting the lighting function and creating the beauty of urban architectural space.

Awards and typical projects

With constant efforts, breakthrough, creativity, Dien Quang has been honored to receive awards and high titles: Independence Medal, Labor Order, Science and Technology Enterprise, Prestigious National Brand for more than 45 years, High Quality Vietnamese Goods, Vietnam Green Label, Vietnam Energy Star, etc. And most recently, the 2019 HCMC Innovation Award, the 2020 Sao Khue Award, the Top 10 Best Digital Products Made in Vietnam in 2020, the Top 50 Best Listed Companies.

Some typical projects constructed by Dien Quang Lighting: Bac Giang Stadium, Tra Noc Airport (Can Tho), Masan Nutri Farm (Nghe An), Rang Dong Plastic Company Office, Van An Hospital (Kon Tum), Marriott Hotel (Da Nang), Long Khanh Street (Dong Nai), IEC School (Quang Ngai), CANIFA Fashion Store Chain, Long Khanh Monument (Dong Nai), etc.