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Outdoor Lighting Solution

A project, whether it's an apartment, a villa, a high building or an office, needs to have a highlight, especially at night. The works will be brightly lit with distinctive features. Outdoor Lighting Solution of Dien Quang bring aesthetic, unique and impressive beauty 

Dien Quang provides a comprehensive smart lighting solution

The art of lighting creates luxury for the project

With a strong transformation in the 4.0 technology era, from a leading manufacturer of light bulbs and electrical equipment in Vietnam, Dien Quang has become a corporation providing comprehensive smart lighting solutions. In particular, Dien Quang's outdoor lighting solution (Facade outdoor solution) is trusted by many investors.

The first big plus of this solution is the artistry and aesthetics of the lighting solution. Every project always wants to impress from the outside. Understanding this desire of the investors, Dien Quang always focuses on the artistry of the lighting system. Lighting products outside the project are not merely lighting, but will adorn the project with more luxury and class.

Dien Quang's Facade Outdoor solution aims at using light to more clearly depict the external highlights of the projects facade such as partitions, domes, sun louver, columns, etc. Thanks to that, the general landscape will be brilliant in the night, attracting the attention of customers wishing to buy apartments and villas. Moreover, the residents living at the project are also more proud of their family's place of residence and career.

Lighting solutions with the smartest technology

Dien Quang's lighting technology applies the most modern and smartest solutions to meet the increasing needs of investors when managing and operating works. The project will be illuminated and adorned outside according to the scenario. Lighting system will be automatically controlled remotely, according to time, weather and manager's needs at anytime and anywhere.

The lighting adorning the outdoor works solution system adorns of Dien Quang uses smart devices, Dien Quang Smart central controller, mobile application, remote control, voice control, etc. which optimizes user comfort. In particular, Dien Quang applies 2-layer security technology and advanced "End-to-End" packet encryption, so that the investor can solve the security problems of the system. 

Outstanding project with outdoor lighting solution

Not only outstanding, it is the professionalism of every project

With the mission of creating smart, safe and aesthetic products and services, Dien Quang is always aiming at the most perfect lighting solutions. For lighting adorning the outdoor works solution, Dien Quang not only helps the projects stand out at night, but also creates a unique professionalism in the way the projected are operated.

By programming scenarios, the lighting system outside the project will be controlled and changed according to a certain process. It is this uniqueness that helps increase professionalism and improve the quality of projects. Customers who intend to buy villas and apartments will have more compelling reasons to make a purchase decision.

The facade outdoor lighting solution is widely applied in many different projects and projecs across the country. This lighting solution integrates advanced connectivity features designed in an open structure. Therefore, during the use, it can be integrated with many other smart systems at the project. It is this open design that helps synchronize the control and operation of the whole project, increase professionalism in project management.

Professionally operated works with comprehensive lighting solutions

Saving energy and manpower

This is also a solution to help investors save electricity because the products in the system of lighting adorning the outdoor works are optimal energy-saving products. In addition, thanks to the smart operation system, it greatly reduces the phases that need for human presence. That is a way to help investors save manpower, reduce salary costs for personnel operating the project. This smart automatic operation is also an inevitable trend, joining the trend of advanced technology in the world.

The above are typical values of the lighting adorning the outdoor works solutions of Dien Quang. With this solution, not only investors benefit, but also residents living and working at the projects are also optimized for quality of life. Every project will be guaranteed to be safe and stand out brilliantly with this comprehensive smart lighting solution. If you have not found a solution for outdoor lighting for your project, please contact Dien Quang immediately for advice and supply.