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Dien Quang Solar – Solar energy

Dien Quang Solar possesses outstanding strengths and sustainable technology

A strong role in investment: Dien Quang confirms its status as both EPC general contractor and equipment supplier of Dien Quang Solar industry, comprehensively and synchronously implementing solar power solutions for employers of residential buildings, apartments, buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, industrial parks, resorts,etc.
Dien Quang undertakes to take full responsibility during the construction, installation and maintenance of the solar power system with the customer and the project owner. In order to lay a solid foundation for strategic partnership not only provide comprehensive solutions on solar power but also in the field of lighting, smart control, household electricity, electrical equipment, etc. leading in Vietnam.

Solar energy industry – Dien Quang Solar

Experienced team: The development team of Solar energy industry – Dien Quang Solar possesses high professional competence and experience in the construction of many projects at home and abroad such as: Venezuela, Myanmar, etc. Dien Quang also invests in Research and Development center with more than 100 creative experts - young engineers, Dien Quang factory has high technology with modern and highly automated equipment lines.
Sustainable technology: Solar energy industry – Dien Quang Solar uses advanced, modern and sustainable equipment. Dien Quang Solar solution uses high quality Q cells (Korea) and SMA (Germany) Inverter with 98% or more efficiency, stable and durable properties, independent operation against grid power failure to ensure safe operation for equipment and people. Therefore, the solar energy solution of Dien Quang has a life span of over 20 years.
Some typical solar power projects constructed by Dien Quang: Phong Phu Corporation (Long An), KIZUNA Joint Stock Company (Tan Kim Industrial Park), Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company (Long An), Nguyen Vu Joint Stock Company (Chon Thanh Industrial Park).

Dien Quang Solar possesses the superior advantages of green energy

In a complicated climate change situation, using solar power solutions is becoming a necessity for large project employers such as apartments, buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, industrial parks, resorts, etc. Because these are all places that consume huge amounts of electricity. Dien Quang Solar – the industry that provides solar power solutions – green renewable energy systems, will help employers relieve grid pressure, save power while contributing to protecting the environment, limiting climate change. 

Solar power – green energy regeneration system

Dien Quang Solar possesses the following outstanding advantages:

Sustainable and friendly energy source: Solar energy industry – Dien Quang Solar provides a permanent renewable solar energy system, which can be exploited in all areas where the sun appears. This is a completely natural source of energy, with no harmful effects on people, protecting consumer health and being very environmentally friendly. Works that use solar power will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions that create a greenhouse effect, which limits climate change and significantly reduces air pollution.

Do not waste land area, create a healthy environment: Installation of Dien Quang Solar solution system does not cost land area because it makes optimal use of the roof area of the project. This can combine heat protection, insulation, reducing solar radiation directly affecting people living under the works. Research from the Green Science Council indicates that, people living under clean energy facilities, roofs installed solar power system absorbing harmful heat radiation will usually have 30% better mental health.

Cost savings: Solar power is a free source of energy, it can save electricity costs for the project owner. Due to not having to use grid power, the solar power system is connected to the low and medium voltage grid, so there is no need to invest in the grid system, reducing grid overload from traditional national power sources. In addition, the owner of the work can also sell the unused surplus electricity to the electricity sector. Dien Quang Solar solutions do not cost operating costs, low maintenance costs and during operation do not cause noise and smoke affecting the living environment under the works.

Apply modern and independent technology: The solar panels are independent of the public grid system so they are ideal for complex and large buildings such as apartments, buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, industrial parks, resorts, etc. Dien Quang Solar Solution has the ability to integrate a storage battery like an energy storage unit, storing power for rainy days or to use it all night long.

Dien Quang has been established since 1973, is the only National brand in the lighting industry, Dien Quang is gradually moving strongly towards becoming a multinational technology group, providing overall solutions in the field of lighting, electrical equipment, smart control and solar power. Dien Quang’s mission is to create products and services that meet the criteria of “comfort – safety – aesthetics”, contributing to improving the quality of human life.