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Currently, hotels, restaurants, and travel destinations around the world are very interested in investing in rooftop solar power systems. This is one of the first steps towards Green value in Hospitality industry. Dien Quang Solar solution is one of the solutions chosen by many investors, helping hotels to catch up with this trend in order to attract customers and save electricity costs.

Benefits of solar solutions in the field of Hospitality

Hospitality industry includes three main areas: cuisine, accommodation, travel and tourism. This is an industry that regularly interacts with and serves customers, so the projects need to have a unique and perfect impression. Solar solution - rooftop solar power is a solution that brings that perfection. Here are the typical benefits of solar power systems in the field of Hospitality:

●    Solar power systems are installed on the roofs of projects, absorbing sunlight and creating a clean energy source, directly supplying electrical equipment. Therefore, this is an endless, free energy source, minimizing electricity costs for hotels.
●    According to statistics, every 1Kwh of solar power will help cut down about 0.886 kg/CO2. Thanks to that, it contributes to protecting the environment, creating a clean atmosphere and good for human health. Hospitality service thereby also achieves the dual goal of creating a relaxing and fresh environment for all staying customers.
●    Solar solutions help projects meet the criteria of "green" hotels and accommodation. Thanks to that, it attracts a large number of customers to come to relax and experience the service.
●    Install a solar power system to help prevent heat and protect the roof. The heat of the sun will be absorbed by the solar panels, helping to increase the lifespan of the projects.

Great benefits of Solar solutions

Dien Quang confidently deploys Solar solutions in the Hospitality industry 

The reason Dien Quang confidently deploys Solar solutions in the Hospitality industry is because the group possesses the following typical strengths:

●    Since its establishment, Dien Quang has always been steadfast in its specialized industry, which is a company specializing in lighting solutions, electrical equipment supplier, designing and constructing professional mechanics and electrics. It is this industry background that has helped Dien Quang successfully deploys Solar solutions in all fields, including Hospitality industry. Moreover, Dien Quang constantly invests in scale, technology, equips more modern equipment lines to deploy this smart lighting solution. The goal of this solution is to bring Smart - Saving - Eco-friendly technology.
●    Dien Quang's staffs are experienced and professional, so they can meet the maximum needs of customers for rooftop solar power projects. In particular, the team of engineers is always autonomous in the research and development stage, so they bring the most advanced products, solutions and technologies. In addition, Dien Quang's team of consultants always understands correctly, fully and deeply about the product. That is the basis to advise customers on the most optimal and cost-effective Solar solutions.
●    Dien Quang has extensive experience in the field of providing solar power systems for many projects across the country. Dien Quang is both an EPC general contractor and a professional supplier of high-end electrical equipment. Dien Quang has helped a series of projects in the Hospitality industry successfully apply solar power systems. 
●    Dien Quang provides services through a professional process. It is this process that saves time and costs for all projects. Thanks to the scientific process, every stage in the project implementation process is strictly quality controlled, bringing optimal management efficiency to both Dien Quang and customers.
●    Dien Quang confidently deploys Solar solutions because all products manufactured and supplied by Dien Quang confirm the quality and lifespan in the market. Dien Quang rooftop solar power system uses Q cells (Korea) and inverter of SMA (Germany) with high quality, suitable for systems with a lifespan of over 20 years. 

With the above strengths, Dien Quang has been and will bring to Hospitality projects the most economical, efficient and friendly solution for using electricity. The benefits that customers receive from this clean energy renewable solution is the most important goal that Dien Quang wants to achieve.

Dien Quang installs rooftop solar power systems for projects

The process of providing Solar solutions for Hospitality field in Dien Quang

As mentioned above, one of the strengths that helps Dien Quang successfully deploys Solar solutions is the professional process. Here are the main steps in the process of providing rooftop solar power in Dien Quang:

Step 1: Solution consultancy

This is the step where Dien Quang's team of experts will meet with customers, learn about their needs to advise on the most suitable solution. At this stage, solutions, equipment and technology of Dien Quang will be introduced to customers in detail. Customers will be consulted to choose the most effective solution, in accordance with their needs and financial conditions.

Step 2: Survey, design

Dien Quang's team of staff will conduct a field survey at the customer's project. On that basis, experts will analyze the actual area, angle of inclination, lighting conditions... After the survey, Dien Quang's team of staff will make estimates, configuration, detailed design of the system and send it to the customer

Step 3: Construction and installation

If the estimate and list are agreed and approved by the customer, Dien Quang will carry out the construction of the project. The construction process will take place according to the agreed schedule; every stage in the process will be closely monitored. At the end of this stage is the acceptance of the project with the customer.

Step 4: Warranty and maintenance

In this step, Dien Quang will transfer technology and guide customers to operate. Dien Quang's goal is to help customers master rooftop solar power systems. At the same time, we perform warranty and maintenance obligations as committed, support and accompany customers throughout the operation period.

With the above process, Dien Quang provides customers with a full service package, from consulting, design to construction, installation, operation and maintenance of rooftop solar power systems. Thanks to that, the investment in the solar power system of all customers becomes simpler than ever. 

Thus, it can be seen that rooftop solar installation is really an optimal solution for the Hospitality field. With the above information, we hope you have a better understanding of Dien Quang's Solar solutions in this field and have options that are most suitable for your project. If you need any assistance with this solution, please contact Dien Quang for a free consultation.