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Disinfect Solution

To move safely in buildings and apartments by elevator in the midst of a fast-spreading disease, an optimal disinfect solution is a great choice. By using UV sterilization technology at Dien Quang, your health as well as those around you will be ensured.

Disinfect solution

Why does the elevator area need to be disinfected regularly?

The number of people with acute pneumonia caused by Covid 19 globally is still increasing rapidly and shows no sign of stopping. According to many studies, elevators are one of the spaces most likely to spread viruses because of the nature of use, density, contact surfaces, etc. 

However, the elevator is an essential means of life, including apartments and families. Therefore, the sterilization and return of fresh air to the elevator are always concerned by many families and businesses.

According to a study by doctors in Toronto, Canada, the bacteria presenting in hospital elevator buttons is 61%, while the amount of bacteria in and around the toilet bowl is only 43%. This shows that the elevator is a dangerous space that makes the user's body highly infected.

In particular, the elevator structure is designed with surfaces that people have to come into contact with frequently. Those are the button, the handrail of the elevator, etc. This makes it easy for bacteria to spread from one person's body to another.

Elevators are a place with many potential diseases

Furthermore, the elevator cabin is a completely enclosed space. Therefore, this will be an ideal environment for bacteria and dirt to spread easily. A single sneeze, even just a conversation, can cause the virus to stick to anywhere in the elevator. Therefore, the cleanliness of the elevator is a matter of concern for many people.

Outstanding features of Dien Quang's UV disinfect solution

To solve the problem of bacteria in the elevator, Dien Quang pioneered the application of UV sterilization technology. Through this virus-killing mechanism, Dien Quang's disinfect solutionhas been deployed to replace ineffective methods of using chemicals to disinfect.

Disinfect solution, kill bacteria with UV rays

This is a solution that works in tandem with the elevator operation. This germicidal solution uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to eliminate or inactivate microorganisms present in the elevator. These UV rays destroy nucleic acids and disrupt the DNA of viruses, rendering them unable to perform important cellular functions.

UV rays are a harsh environment for pathogens as well as microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and molds. Therefore, choosing to use UV rays to eliminate bacteria in the elevator is one of the smart solutions that modern families should learn.

Dien Quang's UV disinfect solution

Smart sensor automatically turns off sterilization mode when someone is present

When the elevator is occupied, the UV system will automatically turn off the sterilization mode and switch to the normal light mode. When no one is around, the UV light will turn on again. As a result, people standing inside the elevator will ensure safety without worrying about the effects of UV rays.

Smart and sensitive sensors and optimal sterilization technology have helped Dien Quang's UV disinfect solution operate efficiently. The process of sterilizing the elevator is also simple, without taking too much time, effort and maintenance costs.

Choose Dien Quang's UV disinfect solution - Choose a safe and clean space

Dien Quang is an enterprise with more than 45 years of operation. We specialize in providing solutions, products and services in the field of lighting and electrical equipment, making your family's life more comfortable and safe. With a system of 15,000 agents and many of the largest equipment supermarkets in Vietnam, Dien Quang is confident enough to bring many Vietnamese families with the safest and cleanest spaces.

Operating with the motto "Safety - Saving - Friendliness to the environment", Dien Quang will bring families and businesses with the best quality disinfect solution. Customers using Dien Quang's products will feel the most secure because they not only save energy but also ensure absolute safety.

In addition, Dien Quang owns a dedicated and enthusiastic staff. Along with that is a wide system of equipment shops and agents. When customers have any problems when using, we are always willing to support and handle promptly and thoroughly.

In short, with Dien Quang's UV disinfect solution, the investor will easily have a safe and comfortable project, meeting the living needs of modern people. To make life more comfortable and modern, owning this solution in your work or project is a great choice. Contact Dien Quang immediately if you want a consultation today!