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Disinfect Solution

Dien Quang is a pioneer group in holistic solution in the Education sector. In particular, Dien Quang's LED lighting is one of the typical products that provide a safe, efficient and aesthetic learning space. Dien Quang's LED lighting is not only used in classrooms and function rooms but also used in school elevators. Thanks to this, it contributes to optimizing the disinfect solution for schools.

Benefits that schools get when using disinfect solution

Benefits of disinfect solution at schools

Daily school attendance, students, teachers, and school officials are exposed to elevators on a regular basis. In particular, elevator buttons, elevator grab bars are surfaces with a very high risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, the elevator cabin is an enclosed space, which is an ideal environment for dirt and bacteria to spread easily. Just a sneeze, a mild cough, a talk back and forth can also cause bacteria, viruses to stick to any surface in the elevator.’

Therefore, in the face of the increasingly complex Covid -19 epidemic, the need to install bactericidal elevators for schools is increasing. Disinfect solution use ultraviolet light disinfection technology, with extremely short wavelengths. This will kill or inactivate microorganisms by disrupting their DNA. When the elevator is unoccupied, UV detection switches to normal light mode. Thus, disinfect solution bring absolute safety to the health of students, teachers at schools

What is special about Dien Quang’s disinfect solution?

With the goal of protecting the safety of students and teachers through bactericidal elevator solutions, Dien Quang has researched and marketed a set of bactericidal led products with advanced smart controls. To produce this kit, experts at Dien Quang rely on scientific research from reputable institutions on the effects of ultraviolet UVC. The set of Dien Quang’s disinfect solution helps to kill germs safely and protect the health of students and teachers at the school. 

The set of Dien Quang’s disinfect solution is widely used

Installed in elevators at schools, this set helps to kill harmful bacteria with UV rays. The product has a sensor that automatically turns off germicidal mode when someone is present. This will avoid UV rays that are harmful to human health. The Dien Quang's disinfect solution is completely different from the usual products on the market, because it possesses the following outstanding features:

●    Disinfect solution are researched, designed and manufactured by Dien Quang themself at Dien Quang High-Tech Factory, located in High-Tech Park, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, schools with needs for disinfect solution are consulted directly, installation, maintenance and service modes are served in the fastest and most efficient way. 
●    Ultraviolet UVC applications help to kill or inactivate harmful microorganisms that stick to long days in elevators, especially in buttons, grab bars of school elevators.
●    The set is integrated with automatic sensor technology, which can be turned on and off smartly, convenient to use, while saving maximum power use
●    The product uses Led UVC chip so there is no mercury. This characteristic ensures the safety of the user’s health.
●    This product is extremely useful during the current strong Corona pandemic, especially in the educational environment where a large number of students and teachers are concentrated.
●    Specially, Dien Quang smart controllers can be used in conjunction with other UV light emitting products available on the market. This increases the compatibility of the entire bactericidal elevator system, which is convenient for customers when making appropriate choices.
●    Dien Quang LEDs are long-lasting, helping to reduce the cost of investment in replacing and repairing equipment for schools
●    The set of products meets the standards of power saving, optimizing the cost of electricity use for schools.

With the above outstanding strengths, the Dien Quang's disinfect solution is widely installed in many school. In addition, the Dien Quang's disinfect solution also brings safety to the health of users and the community in many other spaces such as hospitals, laboratories, community living areas, restrooms, etc.

It can be confirmed that the bactericidal led product is the result of the enthusiasm and efforts of Dien Quang staff for a long time. The birth of this product has made the antiseptic solution in the elevator much more effective and convenient. As a result, bactericidal elevators will contribute significantly to ensuring a safe learning environment for students and teachers.