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Landscape lighting solution

Today, the trend of landscape lighting creating aesthetic value for high-class architectural works such as apartments and villas are increasingly paid attention by many users. In order to create a distinct spotlight with uniqueness and mystery for the whole space, the landscape lighting solution of Dien Quang have been researched and developed. Let's look at the landscape lighting solution of Dien Quang to see what stands out.

What is a landscape lighting solution?

In large cities, especially villas and high-rise houses, landscape lighting is gradually becoming the architectural design method that has a great impact on the aesthetics of the entire house adopted by many families. You can simply understand that the landscape lighting solution is to bring outdoor lighting techniques to highlight the architecture, trees, fountains, walls, etc. of the space.

The art of landscape lighting brings aesthetic beauty to the whole space

What is superior about landscape lighting solutions of Dien Quang?

Dien Quang is one of the leading professional lighting designers in landscape lighting solution today. In parallel with offering quality and unique solutions, Dien Quang always implements them with the most quality and safe outdoor lighting equipment.
The landscape lighting solution of Dien Quang always meets your aesthetic standards and wishes. By the perfect combination of creativity, technology and art, the landscape lighting solution of Dien Quang brings together all the colors of nature, light and people in a unified body. Nearly no landscape lighting solution has been able to pay attention to the interaction between people and the environment and buildings such as that of Dien Quang.

The landscape lighting solution implemented by Dien Quang is a perfect combination of modern technology and nature.

In addition, landscape lighting solution are also popular because:
●    You can easily change the lighting context according to your preference.
●    The landscape lighting technique at Dien Quang will create a newer, more attractive look for your living space while retaining the architectural features of the building.
●    Integrating multiple smart technologies makes it possible to program different scenarios.
●    It’s the perfect solution to help your building stand out and be more attractive at night.
●    Provide an aesthetic space
●    Not only does it improve the appearance of the landscape, but the introduction of lighting techniques combining technology and nature of Dien Quang will create a sense of peace and relaxation for users.
●    Forms of landscape lighting include: path lighting, single tree lighting, cluster tree lighting, bush lighting, miniature lighting, lake lighting.

Techniques applied in landscape lighting solution of Dien Quang

Lighting enhancement technique

Lighting enhancement is a landscape lighting technique commonly applied by Dien Quang in most buildings. Lighting enhancement will help highlight any item, plant, or accessory in your yard. As a result, the look of the landscape will be much more neat and impressive.

Lighting enhancement technique in landscape lighting

Shade lighting technique

Shade lighting efficiency is often at its maximum when lighting enhancement is used and shades of trees or accessories are created in your landscape. This is a technique that is often used to create displays on very special dark garden walls.

Downlighting techniques – moon lighting

Moon lighting is a technique creating light that is gentle, subtle, but extremely mysterious. Dien Quang will use spotlights or headlights mounted on large branches to highlight each area you want.

The moon lighting technique is unique

Spotlight technique

Spotlight creates an effect from using diagonal lighting to emphasize a specific object or accessory in your space. Spotlight technique will usually be used to display artworks in the garden, signage, etc. at luxury and high-end villas.

Underwater lighting techniques

The underwater lighting effect will certainly satisfy the most demanding customers because of the aesthetic effect that this technique provides. By installing lighting fixtures that are submerged in water such as water acoustic lamps, the focused beam and the discolored light will be very prominent.

Underwater lighting techniques 

Especially, when the water moves, it creates ripples and makes the light more attractive to the viewer. The installation of underwater lighting fixtures also helps to create more depth for flat surfaces.

Security lighting technique

In addition to aesthetic efficiency, the landscape lighting solution of Dien Quang also focuses on security and safety. Designing a well-lit courtyard, for example, will help prevent crime. In addition, the installation of additional equipment specifically designed for security such as motion sensors will provide the most optimal spatial security.

This article has introduced you to landscape lighting solution of Dien Quang. If the real estate investors are in a headache to find landscape lighting solution not only saving energy and costs but also still ensuring high aesthetic value for the space, contact Dien Quang immediately for advice and support for construction and installation.